Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Day 16 - Your outfit for today

It's basically the outfit that I also wore at the flea market on Saturday, but with different shoes ^^ I don't know why I left this skirt in my closet for so long, it's lovely *__* It is one of the first things that I have sewn and actually wear ^^ And I wore it to my first lolita meet-up. This outfit is of course not lolita, but it was waaay to hot for lolita today (but still so windy >.<)

Well, I finished the article at 3 o'clock in the morning. And then I slept. And then I slept a little too long XD I was really angry, I can be such an idiot sometimes... But I sent the prof an e-mail with the article and an apology to show that I didn't intentionally NOT come because I wasn't done with the article.
And later in my theatre course I was told that he had postponed the presentations anyways but I didn't receive the e-mail stating that... Life can be strange sometimes...
But it can also be very nice: After theatre class I went to the station to pick up my boyfriend <3
I have to admit, it was nice being alone for a while but still I'm very happy to have him back :-*

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  1. Ich find die Schuhe immernoch toll ^__^ schön dass der Artikel noch fertig geworden ist :)