Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

The 5th Lolita meet-up in Dresden

As I told you in the last post, on Saturday there was a lolita meet-up here in Dresden and of course I was on board ;)
We visited the "Festung Dresden", a former military fortification of Dresden, went into a little park, to the Christmas market and then we settled in a wonderful cafe. Unfortunately almost everything we wanted was sold out but nevertheless it's really great there and at least we had a cute waiter. (My sister knows what I'm talking about ;D)
It was (again) a fantastic afternoon, it' always great to meet the girls, talk and have boatloads of fun (Nu, Christiane? ;D). I can't wait for the next one, we should start planning soon. Or now. NOW! ;)

And now on to the pictures. Unfortunately my cam was quite the bitch and always had problems with the lighting and my editing skills are... well, barely existent, so excuse the crappy quality.

 And here you can see that the underskirt is still uneven -.-
Here you can see my hairstyle ^^

Having fun with the autumn leaves

Together with my beloved Vroni <3
And of course: The Manatees :D (I hope you don't mind?!)
Wow, what a shameless self-promotion XD Sorry, I just couldn't decide which ones to post and which not ^^"

JSK - Surface Spell 
Bluse - Pimkie
Schuhe - irgendein Taobao-Shop :D
Accessoires - Surface Spell, Bijou Brigitte, H&M
Strumpfhosen - offbrand

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Light the first candle!

There's no denying it anymore: Christmas is approaching and this becomes especially evident today because it's time to light the first candle on the Advent wreath. Though we don't really have a wreath, we just have a candle stand that I decorated:

I've also already decorated parts of our flat, but I'm not yet done with it.
And what would the Christmas season be without christmas biscuits?
I was already busy in the kitchen and made some ^^ Have a look:

These still need decoration ^^ 
And last year my parents gave us the coolest christmas cookie jar ever:

Isn't it cute? I love that fat little laddie :D The biscuits inside are cherry biscuits. I had hoped they would turn out red but they became more rose (and a little brown on the sides -.-)
I can't wait to eat some of them later (while drinking hot cocoa and watching the world championship in formation dancing ^^).

Yesterday I was at the Lolita meet-up here in Dresden but more on that in the next post ^^

Dienstag, 22. November 2011

You may call me Gollum...

... as I am on the hunt for my beloved ring ;___;
For my birthday two years ago (or rather Nikolaus but I don't know how common that is where ever you are :D) my boyfriend gave me a claddagh ring. It's wonderful and pretty and beautiful and I love that thing to death. It looks like this:
(pic taken from here)
And now it's gone ;___; I know I took it off for washing the dishes yesterday and I'm almost sure that I put it on again afterwards but today it's just gone O.o
I hope I find it soon, I feel so naked without it :(

Anyways, to talk about more happy things: On Friday I was at a Katzenjammer-concert and as last time it was AWESOME! And with awesome I mean all kinds of awesome! These ladies are just the best, their music is fantastic and seeing and hearing them perform it live is like the biggest party you could ever experience :D And they are so funny and charming, it's almost scary XD We were in third row, it was sooo great! And they always perform pretty long, almost 2 hours!
If you haven't listened to them yet or seen them live, you should definitely do that!
And here are some impressions from the gig, sponsored by youtube ;D

This is the song "Cherry Pie". Not really my favourite song by them, but I still want to show this to you because the guy who shouts/growls "STOMACH" in the beginning is my boyfriend :D

And this is "To The Sea". I looove that song!

By the way, I have (probably) finished one of my sewing projects (finally @.@). It's my Card-JSK, unfortunately I only managed to take a blurry picture of me wearing it:

Maybe I'll take a better one soon XD Here you can see it laying on the floor (and looking really deformed O.o) and some details:

I had originally planned to decorate it more but now I actually like it's simplicity. What do you say?
I only hope I find a nice red waistbelt to wear with it. I'd be thankful for suggestions where to get a good and cheap one :D

Oh, and here's a progress picture of my stitching project. It's almost done ^^

Freitag, 18. November 2011

Another Brand-rant (IW)

Innocent World is one of my favourite brands, right after Alice and the Pirates.
But the size issue that I addressed in my last brand-rant is even worse when it comes to IW.
Most of their dresses only go up to 98 (bust) and 81 cm (waist) and sadly that's just not enough for me ;___;
The only dresses that I can fit into are misshapen ones like these:

(The Square Yoke Doll Onepiece and the Bianca Jumperskirt)
I apologise to all of you who think that these are beautiful but I just think they are plain fugly -.-
So I had actually already accepted that I just don't fit into IW (yet) and I was okay with that.

Until recently when they started introducing the most charming JSK designs ever.
It all started with the Luna Stripe Halter JSK:

Isn't this one of the prettiest dresses ever? I mean, if we just leave the stripes and the buttons on the bodice front aside because always I love those elements, this neckline (or not existing neckline? O.o) is incredibly elegant and instantly caught my attention. It's so unusual for a lolita dress, maybe because it's not exactly what you would call "cute". With its simplicity and its originality it's just perfect for a more mature and classic look.

I was quite curious if they would stick to this design because it didn't seem to be that popular (Why not? Please tell me, why not? O.o) and indeed, a little while later they released this dress:

The Dot Print Halter Neck Jumperskirt. I have to admit, this one doesn't appeal to me that much but still it has this intriguing neckline. The A-line skirt and the belt give it a nice 50's-touch and that chiffon-ribbon is also quite cute.

And now there is a new dress up for reserve that I may even like better than the first one. The Random Dot Jumperskirt:

I love the pleated skirt and the bodice is so beautifully designed *___* And those irregular dots are so cute ^^
What do you think of these dresses? Maybe this neckline does/does not appeal to you?
I think that in general almost all of IW's dresses are gorgeous but designs like these are what make them so unique. So now it's time to lose weight to fit into them :D

Montag, 14. November 2011

Drill Instructor reloaded

On Saturday Stefan and I visited Sophie and her boyfriend to practice their dancing again. I have to admit, I'm starting to like the idea of becoming a dancing instructor.
Anyways this is what I wore. You seldomnly see me in such bright colours XD I've had this dress in my closet for ages but it just looks like a sack on me, but now I had the idea of pairing it with a waist belt and I really like how it looks. One without, once with cardigan:

Hihi, who spots Hurley in the background? XD

Their dancing is really getting better by the way, I had nothing to say to their Quickstep for example :)
And Sophie made some delicious apple pie <3
Here you can see them dancing and me closely watching their feet XD

When we got home we had some friends over to have a few drinks, talk and play ^^
We played SingStar, Just Dance and Extreme Activity, it was a really funny evening.
Here are some leftovers from Extreme Activity. Everyone who finds out what the three drawings on the first paper were supposed to mean can take a cookie from my virtual cookie jar :D

Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

Cat, you're a kitty cat!

How are you all doing?
First, I want to say thank you to all those who awarded me the Best Blog-Award. I won't follow the rules right now, I first have to think of the 7 blogs XD

And now, at special request by a certain allergic someone, I want to introduce you a little better to our cat, Hurley ^^
He's one and a half years old and named after this guy:

Luckily he doesn't look anything like him XD

The first picture I ever saw of him was this one and it instantly made me want to have him and cuddle him. Who could reject such a cute little baby-cat?

I love looking at older pictures of him. He used to be so small! Such a cutie...

Now he's bigger of course, but he hasn't lost any of his cuteness ^^
His hobbies? Well, eating, sleeping, watching the laundry in the washing machine, sitting in buckets and cartons, being lazy, walking on the frame of our canopy bed...

But I have to admit, he can be a little bastard sometimes -.- But I guess that's one of the best things about cats: It never gets boring :D

Sorry to those who are not interested in cats, but I just love that little furry laddie <3

Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Can we fix it?

Yes, we can!
Or at least my lovely Stefan and a friend of his can ^^

Ever since he wanted to learn how to make cocktails, he wanted to have a cocktail cabinet and in one of our shelves we had a pretty much unused rack bay.
Since we have a cat we couldn't just put glasses and everything in there because Hurley would throw everything out of it. So Stefan had been planning to make a kind of door for it and yesterday he finally took the plunge with his friend Thom.
Before they could do anything they had to even the upper shelf out because our DVDs got so heavy that it was already bending down XD So this what the shelf looked like when they put a plank into it as a pillar:

And then the men (and Hurley XD) started the real work:

Haha, the flash makes Stefan look like a ghost in the first picture XD
Sorry, no topless-sexy-builder-photos. I'll keep those in private hands ;)

And in the end, the proud goodman and his opus:

I guess we can start hosting cocktail parties now :D

While the men were working I was watching Dead Like Me (Great series by the way, you should watch it if you haven't yet!) and working on my cross-stitching. This is what it looks like now:

I can almost see the finish line *____*