Montag, 29. August 2011

Taobao Review

Yieha, the first package of our taobao order arrived today!
So now here is the promised review of my items. I'm going to make a small review on Taobaospree at egl, maybe it's helpful for someone ^^
As a reminder, here you can see what I ordered.

This was the package:
Yeah I know, who cares, but I was excited, so I had to start taking pictures right away XD
It was packed nicely and had this sign with my name on it:

It looks like those oldschool signs that everyone had on his books in elementary school XD So cute <3

This is all of my stuff together:

Even the shoes were packed separately! And this was also in the package:

I didn't even know I ordered stuff from Gucci XD It's some kind of product care advice but I don't know to which item it belongs. It has to be something made from real leather but i don't know how to determine what is artificial and what is real XD

Okay, let's start with the necklace:
It came with a cute little note that I of course can't read and it's a bit shorter than I expected. The pendant is quite heavy and I really like the style of the necklace. I guess I can't really say much more about this ^^

Next, the bag:
You can already see it in the picture of the back: It wasn't wrapped as good as the other items, so now it has those imprints from Sophies bag, which was under it. In turn, hers has imprints from my bag, and not even in the back but in the front -.- I'm so sorry for that!
Here you can see a part of it a little better:
Hopefully this will be less visible after some time and use.
It's quite roomy. I think it can easily hold my purse, my mobile and all this stuff that a gril just likes to carry around XD Maybe even an umbrella... I'll try that later ^^

Next up, a pair of shoes. I ordered one pair in 38 and one in 39,hoping that at least one will fit. I'm happy to say that both fit, even though the 39 one is little more comfortable, but that's also due to the design.
First, the 38 pair:
Aren't they beautiful? I think they are gorgeous! They are a little tighter than the other pair but the only thing that's really bothering is that it's a little uncomfortable in the back of my ankle. But there were some pads in the package, maybe they'll help. Unfortunately the shoes are not flawless:

A white spot where the material comes off a little, some fine white glue lines and some dents but these are all barely visible when worn. Speaking of worn:

My legs look strange from this angle XD

Edit: Since many people seem curious about it, the shoes (both pairs) are from HERE ^^

And at last, the other pair of shoes:

They are so cute <3 But also elegant when you wear them without the bows and that's why I bought them. They are so versatile! As you can see here, they are also a little dented and have those glue lines, but again you can't see that when they are worn:

You close them with push buttons but apparently I have fat ankles because I had to make them as wide as possible XD
Finally, worn pictures once with, once without shoe clips ^^

Sonntag, 28. August 2011


No, I am not sad, but I have some blue things to show you ^^

On Friday, Mia and I helped Sophie paint her new flat and Mia brought my share of the Vampire Requiem fabric along. It's really beautiful and nice quality:

The only thing that bothers me a little is that it even says "Alice and the Pirates" above the gate. I'm actually okay with replicas, as long as they don't print the original designers label on it, so this is a little bummer :/ But still, the fabric is just too great to refuse using it XD
I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with it. I'd actually love to make an underbust JSK out of it but I don't have a pattern for it and don't know how to make one myself. I guess I'll have to do a little research. Any help from your side would be greatly appreciated ^^

And yesterday Sophie and her boyfriend moved and of course the gang was there to help ;) My arms and legs are still hurting from carrying things down the mass of stairs and going back up again. Luckily now she lives on ground floor XD And her new flat is sooo beautiful *__* I have to admit, I'm jealous XD
While we were sorting her clothes into her wardrobe, she found this pretty belt that she doesn't wear anymore, so she gave it to me:
It's actually a little tight on me but I hope with the right clothes it won't look as bad.

Today we met at Dresden's new and already second Bubble tea bar which Vroni, Stefan and I already tried out yesterday and I like it better than the first one, because you cannot only get tea there (which in most cases I don't like, except for those with yoghurt) but also flavoured milk with bubbles ^^ Sooo yummy!
And fun fact: I wore my blue floor length flower dress ^^

A while ago I found this tutorial and I have to say, I am really tempted. Maybe I'm going to try that out (or rather let Vroni try it out on my hair XD) once I finally have a consistent hair colour.
I am madly in love with anything black, but especially when it comes to my hair, I like colourful... colours... derp...

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Mum's the best ^^

Today my mum visited us to bring some books from the library of my hometown. This is kind of a "happening" to us because we live 250km apart from each other and I was really happy to see her.
I've always been pretty close with my mum and so I really miss hanging out with her.

Anyways, we went on a little shopping-tour since she hadn't even seen the new part of Dresden's central shopping centre, "Altmarkt Galerie", yet.
And there I found this lovely shirt that was on sale and just couldn't resist:

I love the upper part:

Even though they are two different shades of red the shirt looks pretty good together with my new skirt.

Montag, 8. August 2011

Strawberries and skirt-love

I recently thought that it was quite funny that my blog is called "Frills and Strawberries" and while I showed you some frills you've never seen any strawberries here, so now here they are:

Yummy ^^ (Wow, even in pictures like this you can see how messy our flat is at the moment XD)
And by the way, this is what happens when you forget to shut your washing machine:

Yesterday I finished the skirt I was going to make from the floral fabric and I'm quite happy with how it looks (though I just remembered that I'm not entirely done with it, I still have to add my label ^^). It was the first time that I made a shirring panel and it was easier than I thought, although when I was done and stretched it for the first time one of the elastics snapped back into the tunnel *ARGH* I had to open and redo this part again *sigh*

And I finally got to use one of the embroidery stitches of my sewing machine:

So all in all it looks like this:

Today Stefan and I went to do some shopping and I had to take it out right away:

While I was sewing it I began to be a little worried that it wouldn't fit into my wardrobe because of the colours but I think it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would when you combine it with black and gold accessories. I still have much of the fabric left so I'm probably going to make a bag and some bows as hair accessories.
At first I thought of making a ruffle at the bottom but I think it looks much more elegant like this.
So, how do you like it? ^^

Samstag, 6. August 2011

A whole new world - Taobao

A few days ago I placed my first Taobao order(s) (after I had been bothering my shopping service with questions for days XD). I'm quite excited about it and so I thought I'd share with you what I ordered:

First, a dress that is going to take about a month to make because I get it made to my measurements:

I've been having an eye on this like... forever, and now I finally took the plunge ^^
Mia also ordered a dress, maybe she's going to show it to you on her blog ;)
We decided to order the dresses seperate from the other items which are likely to be ready to ship earlier. That's also an advantage when it comes to customs ^^

So, on to my other items. 2 pairs of shoes:

I ordered them in 2 different sizes, hoping that at least one will fit ^^

Then there's a necklace that might seem familiar:

It's a replica of the pirate's medallion from Pirates of the Carribean and I love it ^^ As you already know, my favourite lolita style is pirate and this of course suits the style (or would it already count as cosplay? XD). It's about time I get a nice pirate-y outfit...

And then there's a black violin bag. I always wanted one of these *__*

Actually I also wanted a parasol but that one's sold out :( By the way, Sophie also ordered something, maybe she'll show it to you on her blog, too XD

And now the big news hit egl. There's a replica of Vampire Requiem on taobao, made by Dream of Lolita. There's a skirt and 2 JSKs (one short, one long). The skirt doesn't fit but the JSKs do and at least the longer one looks pretty nice to me:

I haven't ever worn a high-waisted dress, so I don't know if they suit me but getting a nice looking one for about 30 € might be a good way to find out?! So I'm really thinking about adding one to our order but I'm not even sure which colour I'd take. I have the blue fabric from which I'm probably going to make a skirt (though I don't have it in person, it's still at Mia's and I haven't even seen it yet XD) so if I take a dress it would be either red or black. I'd actually rather take black because I love black and don't even have a black dress, but it looks rather grey-ish on the picture and not as detailed as the red version... so in the end it would probably be the red one... *sigh* Any advice?

Oh and of course I'll make a review once I have my items ^^

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Oh Meta, why...Why are you doing this to me?

So, Metamorphose temps de fille are releasing a new series, Night of the Masquerade, and I have to say, I LOVE it.
The print is gorgeous, so much more beautiful than Aatp's new print Twilight Circus!
Just have a look at it:

 I can't even decide which colourway I like most because they are all awesome! But if I had to I guess I would pick the blue one because you can see the details best in it and the blue roses are so nice *__*
I'm not too fond of the OP design, except for those buttons and the chains on the bodice, but the JSK is stunning!

Unfortunately they don't fit me, how else should it be? -.- There are also several skirt designs and a lovely bustier and the socks are also quite nice. One of the skirts is very simple but fully shirred so it would even fit me, but I couldn't afford reserving one because of a Taobao-order I placed. It's going to come out in September but reservation starts on the 12th of August. Who knows, maybe some shirred skirts will still be left for the regular online store afterwards? (Haha, yeah, as if... -.-)

What do you think of the print and which colourway do you prefer? ^^