Montag, 26. März 2012

Blue tartan

How are you all? Are you enjoying the fantastic weather? (That is, if there IS fantastic weather where you are :D)
Vroni, her husband, Stefan and I did on Saturday, when we took a blanket and a picnic basket to the Great Garden in Dresden (a huge park). It was a great and relaxing day and it was great for Stefan to finally get out of the house. He was even able to eat some ice cream ^^
And last night was his first night without taking painkillers and he slept through it. Yaaay! The worst part is over :D

Maybe you've already read it over at Sophie's blog, on the Friday of Stefan's operation the Gang wanted to meet at Sophie's to do some sewing/knitting/crafting. In the end it wasonly Sophie and me for most of the time, but still we had a lot of fun together. First I made a simple Vampire Requiem headdress:

The other side is just plain blue so that I can decide which side I want to show ^^

And then I started designing the pattern for the dress that I want to make out of the blue tartan fabric that I showed you earlier. I want the cut to resemble the one of the IW dresses that I love so much.
So here's one of my sketches:

After several calculations, sketches and tests I finally have a pattern that might work, so now onto the fabric. This is what I did yesterday:

This dress includes several difficulties that I haven't dealt with yet: matching patterned fabric, princess seams and sewing a zipper into a dress with a gathered skirt. We'll see how that goes :D

But at the moment I don't spend that much time sewing because I'm at work often and because I have rediscovered my love for Sims 2 :D
And when it's boring at work, this is how I keep myself entertained:

I'm so bad at drawing these XD

What do you do when you're bored at work? And what difficulties do you have to deal with with your recent crafting project? ^^

Sonntag, 25. März 2012


I've been tagged by Mia and now I'll show you my favourite accessories ^^

Here are the rules (in German):
- Verlinke die Person, die dich getaggt hat, in deinem Tag-Post.
- Zeige immer nur eins, maximal zwei deiner Lieblingsstücke der jeweiligen Kategorie.
- Erzähle uns, wieso du gerade dieses Stück ausgewählt hast.
- Tagge 5 3 weitere Leute und gib ihnen Bescheid.
My favourite bag 

It's the bag that Mia made me for my birthday and I love it to death. I use it nearly everyday because it is roomy, awesome, beautiful, has stripes and did I mention that it's AWESOME? :D
My favourite shoes 
My black wedges. They are simple but comfortable and I really love wearing them.

My favourite shawl/scarf 
I got it for Christmas from my parents and it's very soft and I love its colour.

My favourite necklace

I love this one because it depicts my passion and it's perfect for casual outfits.

My favourite ring

I got it for my birthday in 2009 from my boyfriend. It was a catastrophe when I had lost it a while ago, remember? But now I won't let it go out of my sight again :D

My favourite earrings

I don't wear earrings that often, but I really like these that I got for Christmas from my boyfriend:

My favourite bracelet

I don't have that many bracelets, but since I love cardsymbols this one's my favourite:

My favourite perfume

Ice Touch by Mexx. It smells so fresh and summer-y. In winter I prefer sweeter scents, but for the upcoming months this one's perfect.

My favourite nailpolish

I've worn this at the last meet-up. I think it's really cool:

My favourite hair accessory

You may have noticed, I looooove wearing roses in my hair ^^

So that's it ^^
Let's see, who do I tag?
Have fun with it :D

Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Still alive

And that goes for all of us - Stefan, Hurley and me.

A big thank you to all of you who had their fingers crossed for Stefan on Friday. There were no problems during the operation and the doctor and Stefan are pretty pleased with the result, even though you can barely see them at the moment because his whole face is still swollen. As long as the painkillers work he feels really good, unfortunately they didn't work that well in the first days -.- But it's getting better.

Maybe you remember that on Tuesday I had another job interview and this time at the dancing school that I really REALLY want to be working at.
So in order to make the best impression possible I bought a new dress that looks pretty chic and formal and in order to make it a little more "me" I paired it with teal tights and the obligatory flower in my hair ;-)

You may also notice that I had my hair cut. It was really necessary but still I'm sad that it's so short again and that I once again have these shorter and longer parts (I don't know the English word for Stufen XD) because they make it so damn hard to get them long again :(
The problem is that my hair is just too thick and heavy for a straight cut. Kind of sucks, even though I'm actually proud of my thick hair.

The interview went... I guess from an objective point if view it was good and we got along well. But actually they prefer people who are already experienced ballroom dancers and then I had to show some dances (8 to be exact) alone and the floor was so slippery that I was barely able to take a decent step, plus I was super-nervous. Needless to say that I'm not happy with my performance.
But still one of the interviewers was very eager on setting a date for a possible internship and now I just have to wait for them to contact me and tell me if they want me to make the internship. And again: Keep your fingers crossed :D

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

100 posts!

Yaaay, this is my 100th post!
Sadly there's nothing special I have to say today XD
I was thinking about making a giveaway, but I'm not sure yet, though I might have an idea for it.

Today was the last training together with my beloved Stefan for now, because he's having a major surgery done on Friday and won't be able to dance for some time. I'm happy and proud because Olga (our trainer) said that she sees a lot of potential and improvement in us, but at the moment my sorrow about Stefans operation prevails :(
I don't even want to think about Friday, though the Gang will be there to take my mind off of it. Luckily he'll be able to come home already on Saturday but I have to admit that I'm scared of that. I just hate seeing him in pain, so I hope everything goes as best as possible and that the painkillers do their job properly.

To ease my mind, the Gang and I'll probably do some sewing together and I already have some new projects up my sleeve, though they are not that exact yet. But part of the fabris are already there, they just need to be pre-washed:

Sadly the tartan in the front is not of the quality that I wish it was, I should have ordered a sample first -.- Anyways, I'll have to make it work somehow...

I wish you all a good night. Sleep tight and keep your fingers crossed on Friday, so that everything goes alright with the surgery ;_______;

Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Just to fill you in...

... on how my job interview in Leipzig went: It was okay. Not bad but also not Oh-my-God-so-awesome.
Now they'll also check out the other applicants and then they'll tell me if they want me to do a placement at their dancing school. Let's hope for the best, even though commuting between Dresden and Leipzig everyday is not the most charming thing in the world -.-
So let's hope for even better things when it comes to my next interviews! Good news are, on the 20th there is one here in Dresden and on the 29th there is one near Dresden, so I guess I consider my letter of application successful ^^ Keep your fingers crossed, a place here in Dresden would be f***ing awesome!!!

When I came back from my interview in Leipzig, Sophie asked if we wanted to meet at our favourite cocktail bar and who'd say no to that? (okay, Vroni did ;D)
So we hurried home from the train station, I changed and then I went out again :D
I wore the chiffon dress that I finally fixed:

Pretty casual, but it was "just" having cocktails ^^
Oh, and in my last post I forgot to show you my cool nail polish (even though you can't see it that good in this picture)
Black with golden glitter <3 From the Essence "Circus Circus" LE

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

A fairytale meet-up

Yesterday was the 6th Lolita Meet-up here in Dresden and even though the weather wasn't the best (not to say bad) we had a lot of fun and it was a great meet-up. It was under the motto "fairytales" and we had some character inspired outfits like Snow white and Rose red and also some general themed outfits like the enchanted forest.
I decided to make use of one of my favourite colour combinations by being the "Goldmarie" and the "Pechmarie" from Mother Hulda (ger. Frau Holle) in one person ^^
First, we visited a museum to have a look at the marionette-exhibition where we had a very nice encounter with a woman who'll teach us how to spin if we want to and who was very excited about our outfits. 
And then we visited the same café as last time, and this time nothing was sold out, so everybody got what she wanted :D

Here you can see the whole group (except me because I took the photo)

And now some shameless self promotion. Some photos unfortunately turned out too bright but at least it makes my skin look perfect :D

With the lovely Mia - our storybook

...and with my beloved Vroni - the enchanted Forest
You can see some more photos over at Mia's blog and at Kajime's blog.
Edit: And also at Sophie's!

It was a great day with you, my dear ladies, and I can't wait for the next meet-up ^^

Almost forgot the outfit rundown
Skirt - F+F
Shirt (which is too big ;_;) - Pimkie
Shoes - Double Decker
Tights - offbrand
Belt + Jewellery - Claire's 
Umbrella + fob watch - secondhand
Bag - Taobao

Sonntag, 4. März 2012

I am sew productive! (pun intended ;D)

I can't remember if I told you, but I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start sewing something entirely new until I hadn't finished 5 points from my "To sew list".
And today I can proudly say: It is done ^^
I've had a pretty productive weekend, even though I had really bad back and neck pain @.@ (It's getting better luckily, there's no pain in my spine anymore. But now I have aching shoulder muscles from sitting in a relieving posture all the time XD)

So let's have a look at the 5 points that I crossed out.
First was exchanging the elastic in my Meta skirt, I already did that a while ago, remember?

Second was the dress/skirt from F+F that I already showed you in the last post.

Third was repairing my casual petticoat again. Seriously, I've re-sewn the damn thing so often that I can basically say I've sewn it myself -.-

Fourth was lengthening the straps of the Surface Spell chiffon dress. I was a little anxious about working with chiffon for the first time, but it actually worked out fine, even if it can be a little tricky. I've made the straps long enough for them to be crossed in the back because I hate it when straps slide down my shoulders all the time. This is how it looks now, though you can't really see it that good when it's on a hanger XD

*cough* yep, that's still X-Mas decoration...

...but in my defense: It's the only that's left *cough*
Unfortunately now that I can wear it properly it becomes apparent that they kind of messed up my measurements, so it sits a little strange on me... There's an "overdress" made from chiffon and an "underdress" (or basically lining) and the overdress has somewhat too much fabric, so that it sits a little floppy, while the underdress is a little restraining in the chest area. Apparently they just divided the breast measurement by 2 to make a front and back without taking into consideration that I actually DO have breasts :D
So it's not perfect, but I like it nonetheless ^^

And last but not least: I finished my underbust Vampire Requiem replica:

It's still hard to get in and out and I'm still angry at myself for making the curve around the breasts too big but oh well... I still like it and I'm happy that I can finally add it to my wardrobe ^^

And today I accidentally stumbled upon something that I'd also love to add to my wardrobe.
This wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous pair of shoes from Forever 21:

Aren't they beautiful? I'm so in love *___* *fights with herself*
I'm not as broke as I had thought I'd be this month but still I have to give this some good thought....

Speaking of things in my wardrobe, guess who snuck in? The one and only...

...the Hurley ^^

And with this I'll wish you a great start into the new week and later you'll probably hear more about my new projects ^^

Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

It is done

Yesterday I finished the project of which I had posted a teaser last time, and here it is:

Hurley tries really hard to be in every single picture I take :D

I didn't sew the skirt, I just painted the golden stripes onto it. It used to be a dress from F+F that I bought two years ago (this one to be exact), but it was too big and looked hideous on me, so I turned it into a skirt, which was also too big. Now I finally made a fitting skirt out of it and decorated it nicely (I am a sucker for black-gold combinations). Just in case someone might ask, I didn't actually make perfectly straight lines myself. If you look closely you can see that there are rows of pintucks and I just painted every second one gold :D
I really love how it turned out and look forward to wearing it. I just hope it doesn't look too weird because my petticoats are actually a little too short for it... we'll see ^^

When it comes to my private/professional life: I'm on a roll :D
When I brought my application to the dancing school the day after my last post, I had a really nice talk with one of the owners and now they'll contact me soon about an internship to check how we work together (at least that's what she told me, but she seemed really confident and I think she liked me ^^).
On the same day I also got two invitations to job interviews, one for a sideline here in Dresden and one from a dancing school in Leipzig that I had sent my application for the apprenticeship to.
The interview for the sideline was today at a callcenter that Vroni also works at and I'll start working there next Tuesday ^^
The interview in Leipzig is on the 9th of march, one day before the meet-up :D I hope it goes well... (though I of course hope to stay in Dresden, but it's always good to have a second option)
And yesterday I brought my application to another dancing school here in Dresden. Unfortunately no one seemed to be there so I just dropped it into the mailbox but I guess it doesn't matter that much, they'll receive it either way :D
And then I discovered another dacning school near Dresden that I'll send an application too.
I just hope everything works out well >.<

Training was really exhausting today @.@ We only did latin dancing today and half the time we just did Samba technique so I guess I'm looking forward to aching muscles in my legs (and basically everything :D) tomorrow. And it's so difficult -.- Samba used to be Stefan's and my favourite dance when he finally started dancing with me but now it has become my least favourite latin dance because there are so many things that you have to pay attention to. Of course there are a lot of things to pay attention to in every dance but they feel more natural to me. Probably because I also practice them at home during the day sometimes, while I always avoid the Samba. But today a woman from another dancing group asked us if we danced in tournaments because we're so good. That really made up for all the hard work :D
(Yeah, maybe this isn't all that interesting to you but I think I'll write some more about dancing in the future because it's such a huge part of my life. I love it just as much (or probably even more than) Lolita or the other things I usually write about, so it's actually quite curious that I write so little about it...)

And to finish this post, have another "Schmankerl" from the amazing Yulia ^^ This might even be my favourite choreography from her and Max.

Good night ^^