Montag, 20. August 2012

The 8th Lolita Meet-up in Dresden

As promised, here is a little post about our meet-up last weekend (or rather next-to-last weekend).
It was just going to be a little picnic in a park where everyone was supposed to bring something for himself instead of planning the whole thing altogether, but we ended up swapping and sharing anyways :D
We were 5 girls, though unfortunately one manatee was missing :( I hope you'll be there next time, Vroni! *hugs*
Anyways, after the picnic we also strolled into the city and had bubble tea together before we parted ways.

Onto the pictures:

Our merry little group
The Unholy Trinity

And now onto some shameless self-promotion...

Slipping Cinderella's shoe back on (and they were not kidding, DAMN, these feet are small :D)
Yep, I'm a tree-hugger now. Kind of...
As you can see, I didn't have time to do my hair properly, which is a shame because it would have looked so much cooler with a proper hair-do, but oh well...

A big thank you goes to Mia and Betty for the pictures!
It was really a great day with you girls, and I'm looking forward to the next meet-up, hoping I'll have time for it >.>

Outfit rundown:
Underbust-JSK+headpiece: selfmade (fabric form OoJia)
Blouse: F+F 
Tights: H&M
shoes+accessories: offbrand, Bijou Brigitte...

Freitag, 17. August 2012

Time for a change

As you can probably see, my blog now has a beautiful new design. It was about time, don't you think?
Many thanks go to Mia, this is practically all her work :D
So tell me what you think, do you like the new design? Is there something you can't read/see?

In other regards, nothing has changed really.... Still a lot to do, still not enough time.
But there is some progress on my stitching:

The picture is not up-to-date though, I'm already a little further.

Actually I still don't have much to tell you... although there is one recommendation for my German readers: If you have a Lidl near you, you should check out the ice-cream section, because they have these two super-delicious flavours:

Bananalicious is so... bananalicious :D And it has walnuts (meh) and chocolate bits (yay!) in it. YUMMY!
Strawberry cheesecake even has some bits of biscuit dough in it <3

Oh, and last weekend there was a rather spontaneous (as in start planning it just a few days before) Lolita meet-up. I don't have all the pictures yet, so I'll show you some later ^^

The driving lessons are going so-so. The last two were not that bad, but after all the ones before I was crying, feeling like a total failure. Today's lessons gave me hope, though. At least parking doesn't seem to be that much of a problem for me. Some girls chimed in when I told you I was going to make my driver's license, so tell me: How are your lessons going? ^^

And now I wish you all a good night, I have to go to bed soon.