Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Day 15 - A picture of your last lolita purchase

So, it's half-time for the 30 Days Challenge and roday should be about my last lolita purchase, but... well, that depends on the definition of "lolita purchase". The last thing I bought for a lolita outfit was just some accessories, like a pearl necklace and a flower pin for my hair. The last piece of clothing that I bought for lolita was the dress that I wore to the last meet up, but when it comes to last lolita purchase from a real lolita shop (which would also have to be defined) it would be a dress, a petticoat, a skirt and a bag from Fanplusfriend.
But instead, I'll show a picture of my next lolita purchase ^^
It's going to be this dress (picture from Qutieland):
But it's not going to be black/purple but black/blue. I'm really looking forward to it ^^

And also: It's Valentine's Day *__*

They are so great *__* Thank you girls, you're lovely <3 (Btw, did you realize that our feet are in the exact same position on the last picture? XD)

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  1. Haha das mit den Füßen ist mir auch gleich aufgefallen, straaange ^^ nicht nur alle über Kreuz sondern auch noch alle das gleiche bein oben xD

    Das Kleid ist wirklich toll :) Wir können ja eine SB machen ^_-

  2. Das mit den Füßen ist echt klasse (^-^)

    Ich mag unser Bloomers-Valentine <3

  3. Der Stoff ist auch von Ikea, Rosanne oder so heißt er, mir ist der vorher auch nie aufgefallen ^-^