Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Day 13 - A picture of your favourite sweets

I'm obsessed with gummi bears ^^ Especially those with this white stuff in the back like the car on top in this picture.

And here's a "bonus pic":
Do you remember these? I was totally in love with them when I was a child and a while ago I remembered them and now I want some. But I'm struggling with myself wether or not to buy them because... well, in the end they are just deliciuos sugar XD But soooo delicious and it was always fun to eat them... but you can only get them in a 4-pack (where delivery costs would be higher than the actual price) or in a 100-pack (with thousands of calories. And I know myself, I wouldn't be able to resist XD)
Maybe someone would like to share them so it would only be half the price and half the calories ^^

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  1. Diese Schleckmuscheln hatten die vor ner Weile mal bei Aldi... Und ich glaub bei Edeka gibts die auch manchmal.

  2. Wirklich? Aaaah, und ich verpass das >.<
    Aber eine Freundin hatte mir heute vormittag schon gesagt, dass es die bei NanuNana einzeln gibt und da hab ich mir zwei geholt ^^ Ich sollte wohl die Augen offen halten ^^
    Es ist so nett, dass ihr mir bei sowas helft <3