Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Day 11 - One day in your lolita life in pictures

So, this is going to be about last Saturday, the day of the third lolita meet-up in Dresden.

 This was my first look out of the window. It actually was quite sunny, but my mobile phone isn't the best camera -.- And this what I looked like after a night with curlpapers in my hair (well, they were still in my hair XD)
When Vroni was there we had breakfast:
 After that we packed the picnic basket, which by the way now looks like this:
 Kitteh approves ^^
And it was also time to take on my dress. And again: kitteh approves XD
Time for make up and hair styling. Vroni did my hair (as always XD) and I'm so thankful. It always looks wonderful ^^
When we were ready we went to the main station to meet the others. This is Vroni on the way in the tram. Doesn't she look lovely? (I hope you don't mind I put a picture of you in here)
 In front of the station there was a huuuge party going on (the Dixieland-festival) and there was this lady with a truly ridiculous hat XD
 First Vroni and I bought some ice-cream because it was really hot and then we met with the others and took the tram to the Elbschlösser, where we found a nice spot for a picnic beside a pond with a fountain.
 Look at these cupcakes, don't they look yummy?! And they WERE yummy... *drools* Sophie made them. (or didn't she? Correct me, if I'm wrong)
I'm not sure if all the girls would be content with me putting a picture of them online, so here's at least our little drawing in the con-hon (Is that how it's written? O.o) of one of the girls.
And here's one of the photos that Mia took. They are all so lovely, I'll probably show you some more later, although I somehow managed to screw my fringe up in every picture XD
The whole afternoon was awesome, we had so much fun, ate lots of delicious food and took nice pictures (oh yeah, we've been bad, bad girls XD)
After three hours there were more and more clouds coming up and we started packing our things right on time. We got pretty wet on our way to the tram.
We finished the meet-up with a "trip" to Burger King and then we parted ways and went home. ^^
One last picture that my beloved Stefan took when I got home: