Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 4

Well, even though I'd never wear it (like... ever), I really love a well done Sailor Lolita-outfit. Not the usual tacky ones with just a black/navy dress with the typical white stripes, but an outfit where someone really put an effort into.
I once saw a wonderful white underbust sailor-JSK on sew_lolita and I'd really love to see an outfit with something like that. Accompanied by a cute hairstyle, great accessories and maybe a fitting photo shoot location, this could be the greatest thing ever!

What about you, do you have something that you love, even though you'd never wear it?

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Lolita 52: Week 3

How was your week? Mine was okay. I'm having a little trouble with my right foot, but I make it work somehow. The show must go on ;)

So, on to the next topic of the Lolita 52 challenge:

This is definitely one of the easier questions and some of you may already know the answer, because it was quite obvious in my former blog design. It's "Dance of the black cat" by Alice and the pirates:

I especially love the JSK Version II in the black colourway, which is why it's on the top of my wishlist. But the green colourway is also nice.

But there is also another print that I love that is a little more recent (though still already a little older). It's "End of Immortal Eden", also by Alice and the pirates. I love all the colourways and especially the JSK, but unfortunately it wouldn't fit me :(

How about you, what are your favourite prints?

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Me and my needlework (and a Valentine)

So, some of you may be wondering if I still sew and embroider.
Well, technically yes, I just lack the time. I haven't sewn in quite some time because that's not something that you can just do while you're relaxing on the couch for example.The last thing that I worked on was my Tartan dress, but it turned out that I made some stupid mistake and have to undo half the seams, which kind of demotivated me.

As for cross-stitching, I finished my last project, but I can't find it right now, so I can't show you a picture of it XD
And I already started the next one, a quite big one actually.
This is the motif:

I'm mainly doing this for my boyfriend. I never got to play Zelda, although I always wanted to :( Ah well, maybe some time I will ^^ Anyways, this is my progress so far:

It's the upper third of the picture with all the colours that I already had in my stock, but new ones are already on their way.

I really wish I had more time and was more motivated to sew :(
In particular because I got some gorgeous teal-coloured tussah silk for my birthday and I don't know what to do with it yet. I'm always open for ideas ;)

Last but not least, I got a wonderful Valentine:

Thank you so, so much! I'm flattered and happy that you like reading my blog! I just wish I knew who you were, so I could give you a huuuge hug!
Thank you so much! *___*

Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Week 2

First off: Woohoo! This week I passed my driving exam at the first attempt and now I have my driver's license! I am so happy that I'm finally done with this, the lessons were really expensive -.-

So as a kind of "reward" for myself (and because it was necessary) I got my hair cut today. I wanted to get the last remains of my attempt to become blonde out of my hair and now it's maybe a little too short for my taste. But it was worth it, now my hair colour is consistent again :)

Derpyface reloaded...

And now it's time for the second part of the Lolita 52 Challenge, so let's see what I pulled out of the box:

Wow, that's a tough one.
As I told you, I didn't really have the time to follow the recent trends, so it's kind of hard to say what could be the next.
"Alice and the Pirates" pay homage to Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary with their most recent (and gorgeous) release (Does anyone know why you can't see the JSKs anymore?). Maybe other brands will do something like that too? Lolita fashion draws much inspiration from historical fashion, so I think it would be really cool to see not only elements of historical clothing but also prints that depict historic events or personalities, like Marie Antoinette, Catherine II of Russia or Elizabeth I.
I just love history :)
But with spring lurking around the corner I could also see Country Lolita having a comeback, with straw hats and baskets, Vichy check and fruit and flower prints.

What do you say, what's the next Lolita trend?

Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Bringing back Lolita

As I mentioned in my last post, I hardly find time for Lolita these days, and by that I don't mean only wearing it, but also reading the blogs, writing my blog, keeping up with new releases etc. The only thing I still do on weekends is looking at the valentines and secrets. It's just a habit that I didn't get out of my system luckily :D
But now that I had some free days and time to scroll through everything that I missed, I realised how much I actually miss it.
So I decided to bring it back into my life by at least writing about it regularly. And since we all know that I have a hard time with that "regular"-part, I do it with a little help from Caro-chan who initiated the Lolita 52 Challenge.

52 topics/questions to write about for 52 weeks. Every week I pull one out of the box and tell you my opinion on it, or show you pictures or whatever the topic requires. Join in if you want to!

So let's get on with it, my first topic is:

Hm... I'm not really sure if I have a favourite hairstyle. I am always amazed by those opulent hairstyles with tons of roses and accessories that you sometimes see from photoshoots (mostly in Classic Lolita).
When it comes to myself though, I just don't have time to make these :D Somehow I always end up being late for meet-ups, because I spend too much time on make-up or I start too late with the preparations.
Most times I end up with making a simple pigtail with the top portion of my hair because it's quick, easy and looks elegant. So I guess you could say that's my favourite hair style...
If I have the time I also make little braids out of the top hair before I make the pigtail, like I did here:

I also love curls, but I just have naturally wavy hair that is really thick and does what it wants, so it's hard to make curls that last as long as they should. For our fairytale meet-up last year I wanted to have curly hair and it looked really great in the beginning but despite the hairspray, they turned out more and more wavy after less than an hour. But it still looked good and better than if I hadn't even tried to make curls:

Blurry, overexposed picture is blurry and overexposed -.-

For our nerdy meet-up I wanted to do something very different and made my hair extremely curly and added tons of hairspray. Then I kind of tied them together around my head. It didn't look very flattering, but it was fun nonetheless:

Okay, so this turned out not only to be about my favourite hairstyle, but I hope you won't mind. General information: I usually keep it simple :D

As a little "bonus" I show you some pictures of me from our last meet-up.
I lost quite a bit of weight through my job, so my blouse looks kind of saggy on me and the shirred waistband of the Meta-skirt also looks kind of weird, but oh well. I still liked my outfit:

Let's hear it for derpy face :D

So that's it and see you next week :D

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's already 2013 and there hasn't been a single post on here since August.
How could that happen? Well, I simply had a lot to do.
My new job is fantastic but takes up a lot of my former free time (Well duh, that's what jobs do! :D), so I just didn't find it in me to write a lot.
Maybe just some keynotes to my current situation: I love my job as a dancing and Zumba instructor, I still don't have my driver's license but hopefully will get it this month, I have barely time to do some sewing or embroidering and even less time for Lolita :(
But I had a wonderful birthday and Christmas in december with great presents (such as a foot spa massager from my wonderful boyfriend :) The best gift ever for someone who has to stand and dance all day ^^) and a great New Year's Eve at my dearest Vroni's. Speaking of it:

I wish you all a wonderful and happy new year!
Stay healthy and work hard on your New year's resolutions ;)

Oh, and Hurley says Hi from under the Christmas tree :)