Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Day 02 – 10 things you love in lolita

1. Frills... I just love them and it's great that they are used so often in this fashion. Just adding a ruffle can make a dress or a skirt look so different and beautiful ^^

2. Rocking Horse Shoes. I fell in love with them the first moment I saw them. Unfortunately the first pair I got didn't fit but thanks to Mia I own a lovely pair of them now *__*

3. I love the fact that most Lolitas really think their outfit through. I find it kind of sad that everyday you see so many people who seem to just grab anything out of their wardrobe and hope it goes together, which it often doesn't. Sometimes I also do that, but everyday? No, I wouldn't want that...

4. Accessories. There are so many great kinds of accessories: Headbows, round headpieces, rectangle headpieces, corsages, necklaces, brooches, cameos... and they can really change the look of an outfit.
5. Valentines. This is such a cute idea and a nice way to spread some love over the world ^^

6. Prints (esp. border prints) They are one of the reasons why I fall in love with brand dresses over and over again. Of course I'm not too fond of all those sweet prints by e.g. Angelic pretty (except maybe one ^^) but for example the "Dance of the black cat"-print by Alice and the Pirates just stole my heart <3

7. Meet-ups. Isn't it great to meet people that you have something in common with and make new friends? A fashion like lolita can connect so many people from different backgrounds who would never get to know each other if it weren't for all those frilly dresses.

8. Bloomers. It's always great to go out in a skirt and not having to worry about someone seeing your underwear if a strong breeze is coming up. And besides, bloomers are great for just relaxing at home ^^

9. There are great lolita communities, national as well as international, and so many lolitas participating that there basically is an overload of awesome and inspiration *__*

10. And last: I love the shape of skirts and dresses with a petticoat underneath, no matter if it's A-line or cupcake. It's just great and for me it is the feature that mostly defines lolita.

Oh, and I love the fact that there are so many different substyles, it brings so much diversity to this fashion <3

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