Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Day 03 - 10 things you hate in lolita

1. I really like headpieces - but I absolutely hate it when girls tie them under their chins. WHY? Why would you do that? It makes you look like a baby and in most cases makes your face look round and big. Why don't you just tie them under your hair?

2. The fact that there is no lolita store or online-shop in Germany - it would make things so much easier for German lolitas...

3. Flat teaparty-shoes. I think they are just fugly (and I never thought I would use this expression XD). With heels they can be kind of cute though...

4. AP clones. I like the idea of twinning but the thought of 3 or even more girls in the exact same outfit, with the exact same wig and the exact same styling (and then maybe even doing the exact same pose for a photo) in an outfit consisting of all items of one of Angelic Pretty's series' kind of scares me O_o And it also makes me think that those girls have no creativity.

5. The prices for brand items. I know, most brand is probably really worth the price quality-wise, but still it almost kills me that there are so many beautiful dresses that I just can't afford ;_;

6. The sizes of brand. Well, the fashion comes from Japan so most dresses are made for bodies that are more petite (although that really is getting better). Unfortunately I am not petite -.- Shirring allows us "fatty-chans" (although I wouldn't consider myself a fatty-chan, but a lot of people probably would) to fit into some brand dresses and that's great but one thing I just don't get when it comes to for example Alice and the Pirates is: When they make three different dresses of a new print (like their new "Time of the roses"-series which I am desperately in love with *__*), why do they all come in the same size? Why not make at least one dress a little bigger?

7. Not always, but sometimes I hate wearing a petticoat. I've always been a little clumsy and when I'm wearing a petticoat it is even more likely that I knock off some things. A few days before Easter I was in Depot, it's a shop where you can buy lots of home decoration and also lovely tableware *__* Unfortunately I didn't really think that through and was wearing lolita so I had to move sooo slowly around in it in order not to knock off any glasses or plates which luckily I didn't XD From now on: No trips to Depot in lolita ^^

8. I hate the elitist behaviour of some lolitas who think they are better than others just because they have been in the fashion longer or have more brand than someone else.

9. I hate handbags that look like stuffed animals or are even made from them. To me they are just creepy and I wouldn't want to scrabble in one of my beloved teddy bears O_o

10. And last but not least: I hate part of the drama. I say part because I have to admit that I enjoy for example reading the secrets and the discussions about them because without discussions the communities wouldn't stay alive, but I hate all this racist drama, the personal attacks and having the same debates on principles over and over again.

By the way: I'm sorry that these posts are probably not that interesting to my non-loli readers. I hope you forgive me and continue reading anyways, there will also be different posts in between ^^

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