Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Candy Update ^^

Almost immediately after the post with my favourite sweets yesterday I got a call from my friend Vroni and she told me where I could actually get some of these... well these shell-candy-thingies here in Dresden. So I went there and bought some after I had brought my boyfriend to the station (because he's at the Metalfest at the moment).
And they are still yummy ^^ I had totally forgotten how long it takes to eat them and that most of the time your basically licking your fingertips because they are a little hard to hold properly XD
So now I'm not going to order them but just buy a few when I'm in the mood for it. I just hope they don't stop selling them...
Oh, and I think when you wash the shells properly when you're done and maybe paint them you could use them as a great decoration either for home decoration or accessories!

And yesterday evening Vroni, Sophie, Mia and I went out to have some cocktails and afterwards we had quite a lot of fun in one of those photo booths and took great pictures. You can see them here at Mia's blog.
We really had a blast, it's so much fun with them! And on Wednesday we're going to do Laser Tag *yay*

Edit: Here are the pictures (although Mia's blog is still worth the visit ^^):


  1. War ein klasse Abend (^___^)

    Du kannst das Bild auch gern posten...ich hab auch n Version ohne Wasserzeichen ins Album gepackt (^-^)

  2. Es war wirklich super super toll gestern ^___^ und Mittwoch wird sicher auch klasse

    btw: Ja das ist das Rezept vom Picknick habs extra für dich eingestellt ^^