Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

A sign of life

Sorry for not posting in a while. There's not much going on here anyways, so I wouldn't know what to tell you :) I did wear a Lolita a couple of times but I forgot to take pictures... but the next meet-up is not that far away, so I'll have something to show you soon ^^

So now, have a small update on my stitching:

And I'm a little further already. I have to say, I'm really pleased with that whole grey-shades-shading-thing, it looks pretty awesome once you've finished more than one corner :D

By the way, I'd actually like to start driving school, but they just don't answer my calls -.- Maybe I'll just drive by there next week (on the tram, of course :D)...

Is the weather also fantastic where you are? Here in Dresden it's great, and today I got my first sunburn of the year :D  Anyways, this reminded me that I haven't been swimming in quite a while and that I don't have any comfortable and nice-looking swimwear. I tried to find something in the local shops but everything either doesn't fit or looks hideous on me, so I decided to grab a little deeper into the pocket (is there an idiom like that in English?) and spend some more money on something that I really, REALLY adore. So this is mine now:

From here

I can't wait for it to arrive and I hope it fits well *____* I'm more and more falling in love with Pin-Up and Rockabilly fashion anyways, so this just HAD to be mine ^^

And now I wish you all a nice evening ^^ Stefan and I are going to watch the ESC (it has become kind of a tradition) and just relax in front of the TV :)

Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

Good N... No, FANTASTIC News!

So, my internship at the dancing school is over - sadly. It's quite frustrating to go back to "normal" work after being so active and dancing so much for a whole wonderful week *____*
But luckily there will be much more dancing and teaching for me, because - YES - I signed my indenture and will become a dancing instructor!!!
The apprenticeship officially starts on the 1st of September, but I'll already do a little training and working at the dancing school earlier in summer. And I'm even allowed to come to the summer courses! Zumba galore! :D
I can't wait for it to be summer, this is sooooo great! I can't believe my dream is actually coming true *____*
And we even signed the indenture already on Thursday, so only halfway through the week! I guess I made a pretty good impression ^^

So now my next "big project" is getting a driver's license, which seems pretty scary to me at the moment. And expensive -.- But luckily my lovely boyfriend supports me :-*

And there has also been some progress on my stitching, the first corner is done:

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Day 3 of my internship...

... and so far it's AWESOME!

Yes, it's exhausting and yes, I have a boatload of aching muscles and YES, at the end of the day my feet hurt like hell but DAMN, it's awesome!

I was sooo nervous on the first day (as you may recall :D) and then I even was a few minutes late because there are road works in Radebeul at the moment that I didn't know of. But I called them from the bus and told them I'd be some minutes late and it was no problem.
When I got there my hopefully future-to-be-boss showed me where everything was and then the first course where I took part was a Bronze-course for adolescents. (Bronze means that they already had a beginners' and an advanced course) Afterwards there was a course for small children age 4-6, which was... ok. Not really my thing because I don't like kids but ironically I'm still actually pretty good with them. But they are so loud and twirly @.@
Unexpectedly, half the amount of 11-14 year old girls are even louder than them, as I experienced afterwards at the Videoclipdancing-course, which was really cool. I was in a course like this when I was younger and I didn't realise how much I actually like and miss it :D
Afterwards came Lady-Power, which is a course for... "middle-aged" women who like to dance ChaCha, Salsa and stuff like that but who don't have any men to dance (or whose men don't want to dance). So basically we do dance routines in a more fitness-based choreography. It's really cool!
And the last course on that day was a Bronze-course for adults.

Yesterday in the forenoon there was a... well, "light Lady-Power"-course for elder people which was also fun.
In the evening there were 3 dance-clubs, first for elderlies and then 2 for adults. Dance-club means that already took part in some or all the "normal" courses and now they come to just dance and improve their dancing.

Today is going to be pretty exhausting. First two courses with adolescents, then one with first- and second-graders, then Zumba, Lady-Power and in the end another course for adults.
I just hope my feet survive this day :D

Oh, and there have already been several hints that I might actually get (or already have?) the apprenticeship place *YAAAAAAY* (by the way, I realised that I called this week "apprenticeship" in the last posts. It's of course only an internship XD)

There has also been some progress on my stitching. That was already at the weekend, though. Now I don't have time work on it :D

You can hardly see it, but there are actually 7 different colours in it XD White, black, and 5 different shades of grey.

Montag, 7. Mai 2012

Nervous? Me? Nooooooo. Not. At. All. -.-

Okay. So tomorrow is the big day. (Actually today, it's already past midnight O.O) My apprenticeship starts.
And I'm soooo nervous >.< I'm just so scared of screwing it up or doing something wrong or embarrassing! I really want this to work out great, especially since there is no real plan B for me.
So please keep your fingers crossed for everything to go well!

Oh, and this Saturday I got a really nice Valentine:

I have no idea who you are, but thank you so much! I wish I could give you a huge hug right now *__*

Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

I have new dancing shoes - reloaded

How are you all doing? I'm fine, but pretty nervous because on Monday my apprenticeship in Radebeul starts. I just hope everything works out fine, I really, reeeaaally want that job >.<

Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend and I made a trip to Zwickau to finally buy some dancing shoes for him.
Now he has a really good latin pair from Paoul, one of the leading brands for dancing shoes.
And I don't even know how I deserve this, but he also bought me a beautiful pair (also from Paoul)! *_____*

How does Hurley sneak into almost every photo I take? Anyways, Stefan's and my shoes ^^

My new shoes in their incredible beauty *__*

And again, I really need to clean that mirror XD

I've also been a little crafty again. I started a new stitching project:

It's the picture that is also on my favourite necklace, remember?
And I'll hopefully also manage to sew a skirt this weekend, I'll need it next week.