Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Secret Bingo

First of all a word to the Gang and kajime: I'm glad you like your Valentine/Secret ;)

And now: How awesome ist this secret?

Whoever made it: You made my day! You're a genius XD

You may have noticed: There are some updates on the sewing list. I fixed my petticoat and I am planning to sew another pair of short bloomers, because the ones I already made are rather plain and now they have become my staying-home-and-relaxing-standard-clothing XD
Actually I wanted to start sewing the skirt with the floral fabric, but I realized I don't have any matching yarn so this has to wait. Instead I think I'm going to start with the bloomers now...

By the way: Does the font on my blog look incredibly small to you too? When I started it, it looked rather normal to me, but now it's somewhat smaller... And has it always been black? Wasn't it brown? O.o

1 Kommentar:

  1. Die Schrift schaut für mich nicht sehr klein aus aber ich bin weitsichtig, ich mag kleine Schrift ^^