Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Oh Meta, why...Why are you doing this to me?

So, Metamorphose temps de fille are releasing a new series, Night of the Masquerade, and I have to say, I LOVE it.
The print is gorgeous, so much more beautiful than Aatp's new print Twilight Circus!
Just have a look at it:

 I can't even decide which colourway I like most because they are all awesome! But if I had to I guess I would pick the blue one because you can see the details best in it and the blue roses are so nice *__*
I'm not too fond of the OP design, except for those buttons and the chains on the bodice, but the JSK is stunning!

Unfortunately they don't fit me, how else should it be? -.- There are also several skirt designs and a lovely bustier and the socks are also quite nice. One of the skirts is very simple but fully shirred so it would even fit me, but I couldn't afford reserving one because of a Taobao-order I placed. It's going to come out in September but reservation starts on the 12th of August. Who knows, maybe some shirred skirts will still be left for the regular online store afterwards? (Haha, yeah, as if... -.-)

What do you think of the print and which colourway do you prefer? ^^


  1. Aaaaw, der blaue JSK sieht toll aus :3

    Wenn die Fahrschule nicht wäre, würde ich mir auch bald einen tollen Marken-JSK kaufen.

  2. Mir gefällt auch der blaue JSK ^_^ Die Prints finde ich ok xD Ich hab allerdings auch nichts gegen den Print von AATP^^