Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right...

I have gotten some new things lately that I haven't yet told you about ^^
In reference to my title, I have some new shoes. Here they are:

I love them, they are my new summer alternative for my boots. Actually I have wanted them since I first saw them at New Yorker, but I didn't want to pay 30€ and now they only cost half the price, so *yay* I bought them ^^

Furthermore, I have a new summer dress and it is - I'm even anxious about saying it - not black. Not at all. But I have also been craving for this one for quite some time and now I finally have it. This is it:

I can't believe a floor length dress actually suits me O.o And I adore it and would like to also have it in black. What do you think, to buy or not to buy? (although I don't really have the money this month and I guess it will be gone next month -.-)

And now for some lolita stuff: I bought a blouse and a dress through the Dunkelsüß-Flohmarkt last month already and realised I hadn't even showed them yet ^^ So this is the blouse (sorry for crappy photo -.-):

Finally I have a black short sleeved blouse! I'll just have to alter it a little. The sleeves are too wide and then it has this lace at the neck that is just too... well, big? Anyway, it looks strange and so I'm going to take it off. You can see it in this picture:

So... actually I was going to tell you about the dress now, but I'm pretty tired, so I'll do that tomorrow and a little more in Detail ^^

Have a good night!


  1. Das blaue Kleid sieht real noch besser aus ^__^ ich finde es auch schöner als das Schwarze :)
    Oh ich brauch auch unbedingt mehr kurzärmelige Blusen!

  2. Das Kleid ist ja toll...die Farbe...und es steht dir fantastisch <3
    Du solltest dir auf jeden Fall auch noch das schwarze kaufen (^-^)