Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

A bit of this and that

First of all: It's over. My childhood/youth ended last night. With a bang.
And I was crying and sobbing almost throughout the whole movie ;___; But while it was of course sad, the movie itself had a great balance of sad, funny, calm and action scenes. For me, it was the perfect mix, which actually makes it even harder to accept the fact that it was the last movie.
I mean, come on, now that they figured out how to make a decent movie out of the book without leaving too much out, it's over? Damn it...
There were only some minor things that bothered me, but they couldn't outweigh the awesomeness of the whole thing (and I don't want to spoiler anyone, so I'm not going to tell them to you just yet. Maybe when the DVD comes out and somebody asks to hear them ^^). I am really happy, that I waited with watching the first part of the movie, because seeing it all together made it... somehow special.

So, moving on to the next topic. As you can see, my To Sew List can now be found in the side bar (thanks to Sophies inspiration) and as you can also see: Some progress ^^ I started working on the blouse and now have taken off the lace from the collar (although it was a pain in the ass to sew that damn thing together again, I had to redo it 3 times -.-) and later (or maybe tomorrow) I'm going to fix the sleeves. Although I have to say, having taken it off and on several times today, I get the feeling that it doesn't really suit me. The sleeves are just huge and make my shoulders look absolutely masculine, at least that's what I fear. I hope that with a poofy skirt it won't look as bad... Well, we'll see...

And furthermore, how amazing is this:

It's a silver pendant in the shape of SCOTLAND!!!!! Can be found and bought here, also in the shapes of other countries, but of course my eyes are only set on this one. (although Finland would also be cool... but not as cool as Scotland <3) It's so awesome, I could carry Scotland around on my neck, right over my heart = right where it belongs <3 (Oh yeah, for those who don't know it yet: I'm a Scotland-freak ^^)
I'll definitely buy that next month... I could afford it this month, but I always like to have a sort of buffer moneywise, in case there's some emergency, especially since the month's not even half over. But actually I also don't like already planning on spending money I don't even have yet *sighs* But this one just HAS to be mine ^^
Oh boy, birthdays at the beginning of a month sort of suck XD (Nevermind, baby :-*)


  1. I can't understand the hype around the HP movies. I liked the books but the movies were horrible in my opinion and since I'm getting spamed with HP-Posts on Facebook, I'm getting really pissed and I start to hate this all! Before the wall of spam, I just ignored it. Now I want to kick HP in the face XD I'm sorry but I'm REALLY annoyed!

    And the pendant is the sweeeeeeetest thing I have ever seen! That's so cute! It's a shame that I already have a birthday present for my friend. I would have bought her Finland!

  2. Danke dass du drunter geschrieben hast, welches Land das ist xD ich hätte es nicht erkannt ^^' Die Idee ist soooo cool!!

  3. Danke für Deinen lieben Kommentar :3 Ihm geht es schon wieder gut.

    Ich bin ja nicht so der Harry Potter Fan. Die ersten Bücher mochte ich, aber wirklich interessiert hatte es mich noch nie. ^-^"

    Übrigens bin ich jetzt umgezogen ^-^