Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Blonde? Well... not exactly...

So, after two tries of dying my hair blonde, technically I'm not blonde. Actually I'm more of a ginger now XD
Have a look:

Me, desperately trying to capture the colour of my hair ^^
You may call me Anni Weasley now :D We'll try to get it even brighter on Thursday, except for the hairline which already looks pretty good .
In reality it looks a bit different, our camera apparently is not the best when it comes to displaying colours.

Speaking of camera, I can cross out one point of my To-Sew-List! I made a bag for it, even though it really was a pain because of all the small parts and pieces that had to be sewn. I'm not perfectly happy with it, but it works, so it's okay ^^

This is a small bag on the outside for spare batteries. it holds 6 of them as you can see here:


Stefan also likes it ^^ He was the one who gave me the final ideas for the design because I wasn't sure on how to enhance a bag for the batteries. I always think too complicated when it comes to stuff like that XD


  1. It's not that easy to go from dark to blond. That's why my hair is orange-y at the moment -.- But the color really fits you!

  2. Ich würde die Farbe gerne mal mit Deinem Gesicht sehen ;3

    Als meine Haare dichter waren, hatte ich mir sie mal rot gefärbt. Stand mir überhaupt nicht.

    Udn die Tasche sieht toll aus ^-^