Montag, 11. Juli 2011

I am sew busy (pun intended ^^)

It has been a while since I've sewn something, hasn't it?
Well don't worry my dear readers, that's going to change ^^
I've had kind of an extremely lazy phase when it comes to sewing and I also have those times when I don't dare to touch my sewing machine because it's so great and I am nothing XD I'm not sure I'm "worthy" of it, although the only way to get better would be using it...
Well, so I made a list of a few things that I have to or want to sew and already started:

(/) Take in some clothes (2 pieces already done, al least 2 to come, maybe more)
(x) Take band-shirt in for my boyfriend and fix some holes in his trousers
( ) Short bloomers
( ) Alter blouse for lolita meet-up
( ) Alter Surface Spell dress ? (question mark because I'm not even sure how to do that, so maybe I'm just going to deal with it the way it is)
( ) Skirt (or maaaybe JSK), to be made from some floral (unfortunately polyester-y) fabric --> finally found some plain red fabric to go with it
( ) Add a ruffle to my red skirt (at least if I can find the rest of the fabric)
( ) Skirt, to be made from the VR fabric that Mia, Sophie and I ordered (I wonder if we get secret-ed for that ;) )
( ) Bag for our new camera (Yes, we finally have a camera. Nothing fancy, just a simple digital one but fortuntely now I can provide you with better pictures than those that I took with my mobile phone XD)

So you see, I have a lot to do ^^ But I won't be sewing all the time, Final Fantasy XII got me hooked again.

By the way, it was my boyfriends birthday at the weekend and I got him an Xbox together with my parents and very good friends of ours <3 He couldn't believe we actually got him that. His first reaction was "I can't accept that!" He's so cute... and today he passed an exam with 1.0! I'm proud like a mother XD
And to celebrate his birthday we went to a mexican restaurant, which was really nice.

There is one thing that I wanted to ask you because I can't really decide: Now that I actually have a blouse there is no excuse for me not to wear a sweet lolita outfit to the next meet-up, but then there's this wonderful gothic dress hanging in my closet. So I can't decide... What would you say, sweet or gothic?


  1. Ich muss sagen, dass ich dich ja zu gern in Sweet sehen würde, Süße^^

  2. So gern wie ich dich in Sweet sehen würde...das Surface Spell Kleid will ich noch viel lieber mal getragen sehen (das meinst du doch, oder?)
    ...also ich bin dann für Gothic (^-^)

  3. Das ist wirklich eine schwierige Entscheidung aber ich bin auch für Sweet ^_^

  4. Du kannst ja mal sweet ausprobieren und wenn du es dann gaaaaanz furchtbar an dir findest, kannst immer noch zu Gothic wechseln.