Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

And ginger it is

So, after another attempt at dying my hair blonde I resign. I'll just stay an orange-y ginger for a while ^^
At special request, here's another photo of my hair, this time with my (weird XD) face:

At the moment I'm switching from conventional hair care with silicones to more natural hair care and in 1-2 months, when my hair is hopefully (near) silicone-free we'll maybe give it another try. There's got to be a way for me to become real blonde ^^
It's strange that now that I am back to this haircolour (which I have had for years when I was younger) I don't even really remember what I looked like with darker hair when I'm seeing myself in a mirror.

Another step on my way to healthy hair (although my hair has never been unhealthy, so I'd rather say "more natural") is switching to a better kind of hair-brush: The one and only, the Tangle Teezer!
When Sophie and Mia went all crazy about how great Tangle Teezers are and how they do magic to your hair I didn't really believe it, but well... they were right. Brushing your hair with it just feels so good and it's so easy and pleasant, even if there are some mean tangles and knots. I'd really recommend getting one, even to people with curly hair because we have living proof that your hair won't turn into a... well... mop from brushing it with a TT ^^ But enough with the talking, that's how this miracle weapon looks like:

As you can see,  mine is purple with glitter, but you can also get it in other colours (although this one's the greatest ;) ). You can get one here.