Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Award-Time ^^

I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Mia, thank you so much for this! *hugs*

1. Poste einen Eintrag.
2. Danke der Person, die dir diesen Award verliehen hat.
3. Schreibe 10 Fakten über dich.
4. Gib den Award an Blogs weiter, von denen du denkst, sie haben ihn verdient. 

Okay, so now I have to think of 10 facts about me... 

1. I love it when men have long hair <3
2. I have a scar next to my right eye. When I was a child I fell onto the corner of a glass table ^^
3. I used to write a German blog before I started this one. You can still find it here.
4. I do ballroom dance together with my boyfriend and in autumn I'm going to start bellydance too.
5. I can't snap my fingers -.-
6. I'm good at memorising things, especially songtexts.
7. I am a LOST-freak ^^
8. I have a back disease that forced me to stop playing volleyball :(
9. I have always loved the English language but since I study it, it has become part of my everyday language. It's sometimes just easier for me to think of English words than German ones XD
10. Most people know this already: I am veeery lazy...

I pass this award on to Mara and Mara XD


  1. You got to be kidding me! 2 Maras? Both sewing and blogging about it? My name is so rare, I never thought something like this could happen ^^ Thank you for the award!

  2. ich bin auch seeeehr lazy also fühl dich gedrückt, wir kommen auch gemütlich durchs Leben ^_-

  3. Das mit dem Namen ist echt witzig ^^ danke schön!!