Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Still alive

And that goes for all of us - Stefan, Hurley and me.

A big thank you to all of you who had their fingers crossed for Stefan on Friday. There were no problems during the operation and the doctor and Stefan are pretty pleased with the result, even though you can barely see them at the moment because his whole face is still swollen. As long as the painkillers work he feels really good, unfortunately they didn't work that well in the first days -.- But it's getting better.

Maybe you remember that on Tuesday I had another job interview and this time at the dancing school that I really REALLY want to be working at.
So in order to make the best impression possible I bought a new dress that looks pretty chic and formal and in order to make it a little more "me" I paired it with teal tights and the obligatory flower in my hair ;-)

You may also notice that I had my hair cut. It was really necessary but still I'm sad that it's so short again and that I once again have these shorter and longer parts (I don't know the English word for Stufen XD) because they make it so damn hard to get them long again :(
The problem is that my hair is just too thick and heavy for a straight cut. Kind of sucks, even though I'm actually proud of my thick hair.

The interview went... I guess from an objective point if view it was good and we got along well. But actually they prefer people who are already experienced ballroom dancers and then I had to show some dances (8 to be exact) alone and the floor was so slippery that I was barely able to take a decent step, plus I was super-nervous. Needless to say that I'm not happy with my performance.
But still one of the interviewers was very eager on setting a date for a possible internship and now I just have to wait for them to contact me and tell me if they want me to make the internship. And again: Keep your fingers crossed :D

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