Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

100 posts!

Yaaay, this is my 100th post!
Sadly there's nothing special I have to say today XD
I was thinking about making a giveaway, but I'm not sure yet, though I might have an idea for it.

Today was the last training together with my beloved Stefan for now, because he's having a major surgery done on Friday and won't be able to dance for some time. I'm happy and proud because Olga (our trainer) said that she sees a lot of potential and improvement in us, but at the moment my sorrow about Stefans operation prevails :(
I don't even want to think about Friday, though the Gang will be there to take my mind off of it. Luckily he'll be able to come home already on Saturday but I have to admit that I'm scared of that. I just hate seeing him in pain, so I hope everything goes as best as possible and that the painkillers do their job properly.

To ease my mind, the Gang and I'll probably do some sewing together and I already have some new projects up my sleeve, though they are not that exact yet. But part of the fabris are already there, they just need to be pre-washed:

Sadly the tartan in the front is not of the quality that I wish it was, I should have ordered a sample first -.- Anyways, I'll have to make it work somehow...

I wish you all a good night. Sleep tight and keep your fingers crossed on Friday, so that everything goes alright with the surgery ;_______;

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  1. D: Ich drücke die Daumen, dass alles gut geht.

    Sicherlich wird es ihm sehr helfen, wenn Du bei ihm bist.

    Viel Erfolg auch beim Nähen.