Montag, 26. März 2012

Blue tartan

How are you all? Are you enjoying the fantastic weather? (That is, if there IS fantastic weather where you are :D)
Vroni, her husband, Stefan and I did on Saturday, when we took a blanket and a picnic basket to the Great Garden in Dresden (a huge park). It was a great and relaxing day and it was great for Stefan to finally get out of the house. He was even able to eat some ice cream ^^
And last night was his first night without taking painkillers and he slept through it. Yaaay! The worst part is over :D

Maybe you've already read it over at Sophie's blog, on the Friday of Stefan's operation the Gang wanted to meet at Sophie's to do some sewing/knitting/crafting. In the end it wasonly Sophie and me for most of the time, but still we had a lot of fun together. First I made a simple Vampire Requiem headdress:

The other side is just plain blue so that I can decide which side I want to show ^^

And then I started designing the pattern for the dress that I want to make out of the blue tartan fabric that I showed you earlier. I want the cut to resemble the one of the IW dresses that I love so much.
So here's one of my sketches:

After several calculations, sketches and tests I finally have a pattern that might work, so now onto the fabric. This is what I did yesterday:

This dress includes several difficulties that I haven't dealt with yet: matching patterned fabric, princess seams and sewing a zipper into a dress with a gathered skirt. We'll see how that goes :D

But at the moment I don't spend that much time sewing because I'm at work often and because I have rediscovered my love for Sims 2 :D
And when it's boring at work, this is how I keep myself entertained:

I'm so bad at drawing these XD

What do you do when you're bored at work? And what difficulties do you have to deal with with your recent crafting project? ^^


  1. I really like the fabric! I'm a sucker for tartan at the moment, especially if it's not the traditional red one.

    Oh and btw:

  2. Huch, was arbeitest du denn? Und wie lang schon? Und wie ist's? (Ich bin so uninformiert *schäm*). Grins, ich hab das Glück eine Arbeit zu haben, wobei man idealerweise ohne Ende Musik hören kann: Hirn fast aus, Hände an... (wobei mir dabei eig nice Langeweile aufkommt).

    1. Wir sollten echt mal wieder telefonieren :D
      Ich hab nen Nebenjob im Callcenter, seit Anfang März ungefähr. Ist jetzt nicht so toll, aber bringt Geld :D
      Wo arbeitest du denn?