Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Just to fill you in...

... on how my job interview in Leipzig went: It was okay. Not bad but also not Oh-my-God-so-awesome.
Now they'll also check out the other applicants and then they'll tell me if they want me to do a placement at their dancing school. Let's hope for the best, even though commuting between Dresden and Leipzig everyday is not the most charming thing in the world -.-
So let's hope for even better things when it comes to my next interviews! Good news are, on the 20th there is one here in Dresden and on the 29th there is one near Dresden, so I guess I consider my letter of application successful ^^ Keep your fingers crossed, a place here in Dresden would be f***ing awesome!!!

When I came back from my interview in Leipzig, Sophie asked if we wanted to meet at our favourite cocktail bar and who'd say no to that? (okay, Vroni did ;D)
So we hurried home from the train station, I changed and then I went out again :D
I wore the chiffon dress that I finally fixed:

Pretty casual, but it was "just" having cocktails ^^
Oh, and in my last post I forgot to show you my cool nail polish (even though you can't see it that good in this picture)
Black with golden glitter <3 From the Essence "Circus Circus" LE


  1. Das Kleid steht Dir gut :3

    Und dass ich von den Nägeln begeistert bin, weißst Du ja. ;D

  2. Oh, nach Leipzig pendeln wäre doof!
    Deine Nägel gefallen mir auch sehr. ^_^