Sonntag, 11. März 2012

A fairytale meet-up

Yesterday was the 6th Lolita Meet-up here in Dresden and even though the weather wasn't the best (not to say bad) we had a lot of fun and it was a great meet-up. It was under the motto "fairytales" and we had some character inspired outfits like Snow white and Rose red and also some general themed outfits like the enchanted forest.
I decided to make use of one of my favourite colour combinations by being the "Goldmarie" and the "Pechmarie" from Mother Hulda (ger. Frau Holle) in one person ^^
First, we visited a museum to have a look at the marionette-exhibition where we had a very nice encounter with a woman who'll teach us how to spin if we want to and who was very excited about our outfits. 
And then we visited the same café as last time, and this time nothing was sold out, so everybody got what she wanted :D

Here you can see the whole group (except me because I took the photo)

And now some shameless self promotion. Some photos unfortunately turned out too bright but at least it makes my skin look perfect :D

With the lovely Mia - our storybook

...and with my beloved Vroni - the enchanted Forest
You can see some more photos over at Mia's blog and at Kajime's blog.
Edit: And also at Sophie's!

It was a great day with you, my dear ladies, and I can't wait for the next meet-up ^^

Almost forgot the outfit rundown
Skirt - F+F
Shirt (which is too big ;_;) - Pimkie
Shoes - Double Decker
Tights - offbrand
Belt + Jewellery - Claire's 
Umbrella + fob watch - secondhand
Bag - Taobao

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  1. Ich fand dein Outfit echt toll (*-*)
    ...und wenn du magst versuch ich noch was an den Bildern zu machen (^_^)