Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

Another Christmas present and Farewell 2011

As I had told you, one Christmas present from my boyfriend was still to come. A few days ago I could finally open it and guess what? I can cross one point from my wishlist because my wonderful Stefan got me the coat from F+F! I'm so happy, because it's gorgeous and perfect for the colder winter days!
Today I finally managed to take some pictures of it:

Wonderfully cute polkadot lining
With the cape

The fur on collar and sleeves is detachable!
Even the cape has the cute lining! And you can also wear it inside out if you want to ^^
 I love the coat and I can't wait for some snow and colder weather to finally wear it outside *___*

And today is New Years Eve so it's time to look back on the year 2011. Since I'm not in the mood to write a big essay about what I did and felt this year, this little questionnaire will have to do:

What did you do for the first time in 2011?
I've joined a dancing club, wore Sweet Lolita, went to wedding and ate Sushi.

What didn't you do at all 2011?
I haven't been swimming. But next year I'll do, I miss it ^^

Word of the year 2011
Love. There was so much love in the air, especially at Vroni's and Andi's wedding ^^
Beverage of the year 2011
Bubble tea
Food of the year 2011
My delicious birthday cake! (strawberry and coconut *yummy*)
Song of the year 2011
Woodkid - Iron. I just can't get it out of my head :)
CD of the year 2011
Katzenjammer's "A kiss before you go"
Book of the year 2011
The Harry Potter series. Stefan and I re-read the whole thing ^^

Series of the year 2011
Cosmetic of the year 2011
Mexx "Black" perfume (if that counts)
Accessory of the year 2011
My key-necklace

Project of the year 2011
Several sewing projects that I haven't finished yet :D
Best idea 2011
Giving Stefan an X-Box as a birthday gift. He was sooo happy about it ^^

Worst idea 2011
 Giving Stefan an X-Box as a birthday gift. He rarely does anything else than working or playing -.- 
(Kidding of course ;D)

2011 in one word
How was your year 2011? Tell me in the comments ^^

I wish you all a Happy New Year. And again: Party hard but safely ;)


  1. Der Mantel sieht schön aus *-* Hääte nich gedacht, das die bei F+F so gut aussehen <D~

  2. Bei uns war Ausverkauf^^ Da war die Edition gleich nochmal günstiger zu haben ;3 Meine Kollegin hat sich einen goldenen Eyeliner geholt^^