Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Only one more week ...

...and then it's Christmas! Are you prepared? All the presents ready?
I'm happy to say that I have all the presents for my beloved ones and now I can start wrapping them *___* I love wrapping presents and making name tags for them <3
One is already done, the one for the Secret Santa of our dancing club:

That wrapping paper is so great! But I already used it last year, so all the other presents will look different ^^

For my birthday last week I also gave myself a treat and ordered a necklace at a Dawanda-shop that arrived a few days ago. It's wonderful, especially since it depicts one of my favourite things: Dancing!

You can't really see it that well in this picture... oh well...
But it's not the only necklace that I forgot to show you! Sophie gave the Gang early Christmas presents! Everyone got a necklace with the names of the other ones and a picture of a - have a guess!
A Manatee :D Such a great and cute idea, thank you so much!

And yesterday I had a belated birthday party with some friends and even though it was pretty unorganised it was really fun and I'm glad so many people came. As I had "ordered" (;D) I got a fantaaaastic cake from Sophie, she's just the master of  bakery. She made a strawberry and coconut flavoured cake, can you think of anything better??? I obviously can't :D

That's manatee for "Happy Birthday" :D
Luckily we didn't finish it at the party so that I could still enjoy some today *yummy* ^^

And now: Let's get wrapping presents! ^^


  1. Die Torte ist tatsächlich Freestyle gewesen^^ leider kein Rezept. Einfach Kokos, Erbeeren und Sahne :D

  2. heyhey!
    Gratuliere, du bist die Gewinnerin von meinem Giveaway!
    Damit ich weiss, wohin das Geschenk geht, schrib mir doch bitte so schnell wie möglich deine Adresse an

  3. *hihi* Die Torte ist toll :3

    Ja, die Treffen in Halle sind toll. So lange ich noch in Leipzig wohne, will ich dort regelmäßig hingehen.