Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

2012 starts with shopping

So, first post in 2012. How did you all spand New Year's Eve? I was at Vroni's and Andi's party and had a lot of fun ^^ And even though I drank a lot I didn't even have a hangover the next day :D
As for New Year's resolutions, I didn't make any. From experience I can say that I won't live up to them anyway :)

The new year has so far been a big shopping trip ^^
First we bought two new commodes for our bedroom, so now I finally have a decent place to store things like my underwear, stockings and bedclothes.
Then I bought the first two seasons of one of my favourite series (because they were significantly cheaper than last year :D):

Watching the first two seasons now that the final season is being released is great. It's nice to see how the series evolved, even thoug it was great from the beginning ^^ How about you, do you watch/like Desperate Housewives?

And then of course the Sale-season has begun, so Stefan and I hit the city today and did a little shopping together. Here's what we bought:

Simpsons slippers for Stefan, white slippers for me, Stefan's favourite bonbons, two Boxes for coffeepads, black sport shoes for dancing on Sundays (because the floor in the university gymnasium is not good for my dancing shoes) and a big pile of underwear for me ^^
I love Sale *___*

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