Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

Presents of awesome

So, an older and wiser Anni is writing to you ;)
I turned 22 on Tuesday and it really was a great birthday.
Shortly after midnight, my boyfriend congratulated me and gave me my first present: a metronome :)
It was a really sweet idea that had come to him when he watched me counting the beats for Sophie and Erik when we taught them dancing. He thought that if I really wanted to become a dancing instructor I could use it to spare my voice the loud and constant counting :D I loved that he had put so much thought into his present but sadly I just had to admit, that I probably would not be able to put it to good use, particularly not at the moment. I was so sorry that it made me cry but we agreed that it would be best if he returned it and then he got me something else instead, which I'll of course show, but first, more on my day ^^
Unfortunately I had to stay at university reeeaally long, so we decided that instead of having a party right on Tuesday, we'd just go out and have some cocktails with my friends (at least those who could come, that is the gang and Janina) and throw a real party next week. ^^ And so we did and it was really great <3 When the waitress at the cocktailbar found out that it was my birthday I even got a cocktail for free and with a sparkler in it *___* Sooo nice!
And as it is tradition on birthdays, I got even more presents :D
My parents couldn't be there on Tuesday by the way, but they came on Wednesday and stayed overnight.
This is what I got from them:

A book about old Egypt, perfume and shower stuff, a scented candle, wonderful (teal) tights, overknees and socks and a bottle of Batida de Coco *yummy*
And this is what I got from my wonderful friends:

The beautiful belt in the front is from my boyfriend, Mia made this great bag for me (she also posted it on her blog), Vroni made the cute Nyancat-necklace (*NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN*  *coughs* ... just sayin'...) and Sophie got me the candy shells that I'm craving for and this wonderful charm that I tried to take a closer picture of, but it didn't turn out that well >.>

IT'S SCOTLAND!!!! And even with rivers and tiny city-names engraved in it *___*
And on Wednesday a huge package came in the mail that brought another present from Stefans family: A wonderful umbrella *___*

Hurley plaing with the golden and ornated handle
Doesn't it look nice? Even the inside is covered so that you don't have to see the metal frame *___* It's almost too beautiful to use it XD

So here once again: A huuuge thank you to all those who gave me these presents and who congratulated me ^^

Oh, I almsot forgot: Sophie and Mia had to leave earlier than the rest of us, but just as they did, we also stopped at the photo box:

Nina, Vroni and I on the left, and Stefan and I on the right ^^

And today it was about time for me to buy some winter shoes, so I bought a pair (that I'd never thought I would, but they are so warm and comfy!) and another pair of pumps, because they were on sale :D

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  1. Die nyan cat Kette sieht soooo toll aus!
    Schöne Geschenke! ^^
    Darf ich fragen, welche Bar ihr besucht habt? ^^ lg