Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

The Post-Christmas-post

Hello again ^^
Sooo, Christmas is over and I hope you've all survived the enormous Christmas-feasts and tons of chocolate! I have, but I have the feeling I've gained tons of weight -.- Luckily we already went dancing today :D
And of course I also hope that you all had a great time together with your beloved ones and that you got maaany presents!
The days together with and at my parents' were fantastic. I love spending time with them, playing games and drinking delicious cocktails that my dear Stefan made for us. (Every evening, and for free! I was in cocktail-heaven :D)
Hurley also seemed to enjoy it, even though my parents' cats didn't like him as much as he would have wished. He's probably too young and active for them, because they are old and love to just lay around while Hurley likes to play :D But it was just too cute how he always tried to get their attention. And we also took him for some walks outside! On a leash of course, because he's not used to being outside, but still he enjoyed it very much. Have a look at some cute snapshots of him:

Stefan's not amused because Hurley leads him over hedge and ditch
Hiding under the couch

(I hate inserting pictures with blogger -.-)

When do you usually set up the Christmas tree? We always do that on the 23rd December and decorate it, and on the 24th in the afternoon, we placed all our presents under it. I love that moment when everything is ready and there is this silent excitement in the room. "Which ones are for me? Will they like what I got for them?"

The pic doens't do it justice. It was so much more beautiful!
I was incredibly happy that everyone liked my presents for them, and of course I was also happy about what I/we got. And it was so much! Have a look:

Tabu XXL (a funny game), pads for our new coffee-pad-machine that we'll get from Stefans parents, elegant candle holders, teal-coloured candles, room scent, tights and overknees, perfume, a teal-coloured shawl and jewellery.

Bad close-up of the jewellery
The blue robots and the golden apple are from my boyfriend and the rest from my parents.
Isn't that much? And I just realised that it's not even all! We also got the two "Black stories"games, new bathroom "equipment" and a cool gadget for easily and cleanly disposing of cat litter :D
I really feel spoiled... and there's even another present from my boyfriend waiting for me!
Am I nuts or is everyone else? How can I possibly deserve all this? O.o

Oh, do you remember that I won Mara's giveaway? My sparkling surprise arrived just on time at the 23rd! Thank you again, I love it! It is sooo cute! I love pearls and the snowflake made me have a small "white Christmas" for myself <3

Even though I love being at my parents', Dresden feels more like home to me now and that's why I'm pretty glad to be back. In particular since I can sleep in my own bed again, the guest couch wasn't really comfortable and now my back hurts :(
But hopefully Edland will sort it out ;)

I wish you all a good night and just in case I won't write anything before New Year's Eve: Party hard but safely and Happy New Year ;)

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