Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011


The title already gives it away: I ate sushi today ^^ It was my first time, so I thought it would be worth mentioning but let's start at the beginning:
My boyfriend asked me to come with him to the custom office today because he had to pick up a package from China and I decided to take out my new Meta skirt:

I show you this now because I later had to change into other clothes when we came back from the office. It was the second time that I wore these shoes and my feet looked (and actually still look) like a swoolen mess afterwards ;________; I hate new shoes... but I also love them, if you know what I mean ;)

Anyways, since we wanted to go into the city, I changed into flip-flops and a long dress to cover my feet XD
And then we went shopping, BUT in my defense: It had to be done. I bought a present and a light jacket for Vronis and Andis wedding (in only two weeks! O.O Are you scared, my dear? ;) ) because my dress doesn't have sleeves and since it's October I just need something in case it's getting cooler.
And then my boyfriend did something über-sweet. When I was first looking for dresses I found one that I was totally in love with but I decided to buy it only a month or so before the wedding in case I might lose or gain some weight (I had hoped for losing, but oh well...nothing happened -.- Well at least I didn't gain any either XD) and when Icame back to buy it, it was gone ;___;  And today it was there again O.o But I just didn't want to spend the money because I actually already have a dress and this month's going to be expensive. But Stefan really liked how I looked in it and knew that I love it and so he bought it for me and said that now I can decide which dress I want to wear ^^ It turns out I actually can't, because we haven't yet found a matching tie for it while we have one for the other dress, but both dresses are beautiful and I'm sure I'll find an occasion to wear the other one, so I'm fine with that ^^ Enough with the talking, that's the dress:

The picture really doesn't do it justice, it's much more beautiful in reality. the colour is green-ish/teal-ish/blue-ish... hard to say, but incredibly beautiful (most of you probably know that I dig anything teal or turquoise XD)
Thank you so much, my darling :-*

Well, then I bought some new thread for my cross-stitching. After i had used up all of the old one it looked like this:

Maybe I'll continue with it today.
Well, and afterwards we ate my first sushi and I have to say, I wouldn't want to eat it everyday but it tastes quite interesting and good. And with sushi, soy-sauce actually tastes good XD
On our way home, we stopped at the bubble tea bar (as always XD) and already when we entered the ladies working there started smiling and greeted us incredibly friendly because they already know us pretty good XD We just completed our third (or even fourth?) bonus card and when she stamped it she said "So you can have one free tomorrow!"  Damn, she knows me way too good XD

BTW, do you actually read everything I write here? I have the feeling these long posts could be intimidating XD


  1. Wieso sollte man lange Posts nicht lesen? ;)

  2. I actually read everything that you post here, why not?
    - Bronwen