Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

I have new dancing shoes...

Imagine me singing the words above to the melody of "Dancing Queen" and with a delirious smile on my face *____*
My lovely boyfriend bought me a pair of dancing shoes! Not just shoes that I can wear to dance, but REAL dancing shoes! I can't even express how happy and thankful I am! I guess I just have the best boyfriend ever ^^ I love you, my dear :-* (though of course not only because you buy me things, but I'm sure you know that)
I have to admit, if I had had to chose according to look I would have picked a different pair, but these just fit best:

Not the best photo, I know. I just wanted to show you the bag that came with it ^^
Buying them was a little adventure of its own. Sophie came along with me and my boyfriend to have a look at some shoes and we had to sit down, put our shoes under our seats and were only allowed to try the dancing shoes on on a footmat and a part of laminate. An old lady, who was also there to buy some shoes, stepped on the laminate with her normal shoes and the shopkeeper immediately had to wipe it clean. Although it wasn't even dirty -.- The shopkeeper herself was... let's say special XD She didn't really listen to our wishes and just told us several times the same stories about her own 11 pairs of dancing shoes XD And she kind of scared us by telling us that it usually takes 2 to 4 hours to find the perfect pair of shoes @.@ In the end it really took almost two hours and several pairs to find it ^^

Anyways, speaking of my cute boyfriend: I took this twee picture of him and our cat Hurley a few days ago. It's so sweet how he always curls up on Stefan's or my lap *___*

Now I also want to show you an outfit snap and the obligatory (and blurry -.-) progress picture ^^

Nothing special, but I like how the dress looks with an underskirt and I just love my hat and my flower hair pins ^^


  1. Toll, echte Tanzschuhe (*.*) das Outfit ist sehr süss, woher ist denn der Jsk?

  2. @Mara: Dankeschön ^^ Der Jsk ist von Orsay XD Ich hab ihn allerdings ein bisschen umgenäht, ursprünglich sah er mal so aus:

  3. Mit Unterrock sieht das Kleid auch gut aus...ich überleg auch schon, meins n bisschen zu verlängern (^-^)