Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

The Talented Ms. Strawberry

How are you all doing? Are you anxiously awaiting Halloween with its parties, costumes and horror-movies?
As for me - I'm not. I haven't planned anything, not even watching a horror-movie because I don't really like them XD The only thing that Stefan and I are doing on monday is giving some dancing lessons to Sophie and her boyfriend. We'll see how spooky that will be ;)

By the way, Stefan and I have finally started dancing in a real sports club. It was about time, at least for me. 10 years of dancing and just now I enter a club XD
It's great but also challenging, perfect for me <3

To come back to the title of this post: For one of my courses this semester I had to read "The Talented Mr. Ripley" by Patricia Highsmith. I was a little sceptic in the beginning because usually I don't like crime stories but I soon realised that it is not really a crime story. It's rather a thriller, maybe even psycho-thriller and even if not, Ripley's psyche is very important. The novel is about Tom Ripley, an American who earns his money with smaller jobs and frauds, who is being send to Italy by a businessman. His task is to bring Dickie, the businessman's son, back to America after he has spent several years as a painter in the village Mongibello. Instead of asking him to come back he befriends him, but ends up killing him and decides to live on under Dickies identity.
Okay, that was a short and very bad summary and no, I have not told you the ending, you'll find Dickie's death in every summary you read XD
I haven't done a book review in quite some time and I'm not really in the mood to do it now, so just in case you'd like to have something interesting and well-written to read: Try "The Talented Mr. Ripley". I liked it so much that now I want to read the other Ripley-novels that Patricia Highsmith wrote after this one.

Of course there has been some progress on my stitching:

Hurley obviously wanted to do some shameless self-promotion :D
I ran out of blue thread today, maybe I'll buy some more tomorrow... or I'll sew something instead and continue with it next week ^^

By the way, you may have noticed it in the sidebar: I've joined poupéegirl. If you also have an account, feel free to add me ^^


  1. Das Schloss ist schön geworden :3
    Ist es schon fertig? Und hast Du vor, noch mehr zu sticken?


  2. Und hier ein Kommentar für die liebe Anni :D
    Ich wünsche mir mehr Hurley Bilder ^^

  3. Hast n Blogaward (^_~)