Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

The end is nigh!

More and more progress on my cross-stitching:

Yay ^^ I really like it but I think as soon as I'm done with this I won't be able to look at blue thread anymore. I seriously can't wait to use different colours again XD

Today Stefan and I helped our dance instructor Marco to teach waltz and chacha to the beginners ^^ We'll be helping him out until his sister comes back from her stay in America by the end of November (actually they teach together).
It was the first time for me to dance in my new shoes <3 They are awesome! As usually, new shoes don't fit perfect, they were a little tight at my left toes (my left foot is slightly bigger than my right one) but they are real leather, so they can and will widen a little throughout the time. But still they are sooo comfy <3 I'm in shoe-love *____*

And then I want to show you another quick-and-dirty outfit that I wore last week and really liked:

I'm happy to say that finally we're planning another Lolita meet-up. I can't wait to really dress-up more fancy again and meet other Lolitas. Maybe there'll also be new faces? Well, we'll see.
Time to think about what to wear ^^

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