Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Thank you so much!

And again I got a cute Valentine! It's great that you like my blog and thank you so much for the compliment! *___*

I always fear that these mirror shots look kind of... awkward but the lighting's best there, so most of the time they turn out best XD

Last weekend my beloved Vroni got married *___* She looked incredibly beautiful and I'm sooo happy that she has found just the perfect husband for her! Of course the Gang was there to celebrate with her and I hope that I can show you some pictures soon (if I get permission to do so ^^) and then you'll also hear a little more about the wedding. It was the first wedding I ever attended and it was wonderful! But as I said, later you'll hear more ^^

And today we'll have a little "After-show-party", meaning we'll go out and have some cocktails ^^ I'd love to wear my new Surface Spell dress, but I'll have to change the straps first... I'll see if I can fix them still today.

Oh, almost forgot the obligatory progress picture ;)

I hope your weekend was just as fun as mine was and I wish you a good start into the week ^^


  1. Ich mag deine Spiegelbilder, man kann doch alles super erkennen :D
    Da bist du ja bald fertig mit dem stickbild ^^ das sieht so perfekt aus

  2. Wegen dir hab ich jetz richtig lust bekommen auch zu sticken (^-^)

  3. @Sophie: Na ein bisschen dauert es schon noch, oben um die Schrift muss ja auch noch blau drum rum ^^

    @Mia: Nur zu, das ist total entspannend und macht Spaß ^^ Vroni hab ich auch schon angesteckt XD

  4. mein wochenende war auch super. Jedenfalls größtenteils... irgendwie war Sonntag n bissl daneben... aber gepflegte unterhaltung hat das teilweise wieder wett gemacht :D