Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

Back to brown

How are you all doing today? Is it also incredibly windy where you are? I hate it -.- And even so I have to go out in the evening again @.@

As you know, I actually wanted to become blonde and today I went to the hairdresser.
She however advised me not to dye it blonde because my hair is so messed up colourwise that it wouldn't be even anyways and also it's a lot of stress for it. So in order to at least get it a little more natural, we decided on a... medium brown I'd say? Though still now it's not even, but now instead of different shades of blonde and ginger, I have different shades of brown XD Enough of the talking, that's it:

I think it suits me quite well, but I'm afraid it doesn't look too well with the purple dress for the wedding. But I haven't tried that yet, I'll do that later. Although even if it doesn't look good I'll wear it XD
I'm afraid the coloured tips will have to be postponed because they wouldn't look as good with this haircolour.

And now, the obligatory progress picture ^^

The blue is not perfect, but it works and I couldn't find a better one anyways.

By the way, I'm glad you're not scared off by longer texts. A good friend of mine once said that she doesn't post when she doesn't have a picture to show and that got me thinking that maybe people don't want to read but prefer only looking at pictures XD


  1. Hi Süße,

    ich find, dass dir das braun unglaublich gut steht. Das sieht bestimmt toll aus mit dem lila Kleid. <3
    Bis Freitag, ich hab dich lieb

  2. Ich find deine neue Haarfarbe total schön (*-*)