Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Back in town

So, after a week of fun, alcohol and music in Bavaria I came back to Dresden on Sunday evening, but I was too exhausted to write anything and yesterday I didn't have the time.

Maybe you remeber that at first I was a little worried to go because of my stomach issues but luckily they got better and better and throughout the week I just had some minor issues, nothing too bad.
The days we spent at Vroni's home were very nice. Her cats are sooo lovely and she found a gorgeous wedding dress <3 She's going to look like a princess, I can't wait 'til it's october *__*

And then we went to the festival which was AWESOME! The weather wasn't the best, but we had a dry tent, alcohol, good music and lots of fun ^^ My personal highlight were Saltatio Mortis, they get better and better with every concert <3
It was also great to meet new people, especially the "Flauschigkeit" and Kathi XD I hope I can come along again next year.

Okay, this is a post with some random information thrown together and in a very bad English, maybe I'll write a more detailed report and show you some pictures later. I still have things to do and yes, I am STILL tired XD