Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

And still... sick...

Yes, it just won't go away. I found out that it's better when I'm moving, so going to the VicPic was kind of a relief although I was scared to go (well, because I didn't know it would actually be better).
And the day was really nice, I met some people from Natron and Soda in person (although I was too shy to talk to them -.-) and saw boatloads of gorgeous outfits, which planted the idea of going in a historic robe next year into my head. There even was a girl who wore my favourite outfit from the movie "The Duchess", which is this one:

I was stunned, it was sooo gorgeous. (Just like many other ones basically ^^)
Since I had already been sick some days before it I didn't really get to finish my outfit, so I wasn't entirely happy with it, but it had to do and it did. 

And today I was shopping with Mia, which was really great. She finally got the perfect "Flausch" and I got some nice underwear. ^^

But I'm really unsure about what to do because of my health issue. Actually I was planning to got to Vroni already on Monday, but I just realised that Monday is a holiday so that I can't just go to the doctor before I take the train to her. This really sucks... though I have to say I'm not too sure that a festival would be the best thing to do for me right now *sighs* I guess I have to figure that out better sooner than later.

But there's also something really nice, I got a Valentine today ^^

Thank you sooo much! And thanks for correcting the flaws in the picture, I love it! <3

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