Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Festival, Harry Potter and Fully Committed

As I had announced: Some more words about the festival, although one word would be enough - Awesome XD
(although I hate it that I use this word so often... it's so American XD)
When we arrived at the camping lot it was sunny and hot and we enjoyed the weather, like Vroni here, exercising our favourite hobby of the festival: blowing soap bubbles ^^

But only a few hours afterwards one of the worst storms I have ever experienced washed over us. We had set up a quite wobbly construction with a cheap sunshade and a tarpaulin to protect us but we had to hold on to it throughout the whole storm in order not to lose it XD Here's me after having left the protection in to close the tents. Not even two minutes and I was soaking wet.

Rock on! My outstretched arm was holding the sunshade by the way XD Even our barbecue had an umbrella:

The next day started warm and sunny again but throughout the day and the concerts the weather got worse and during the last concert, Saltatio Mortis, it was raining. But still it was the greatest concert ever. I had so much fun and couldn't stop dancing! The other bands we watched that day were the Dudelzwerge, Pampatut, Rabenschrey and Eric Fish (although we only listened to him).
Other highlights of the day: The Bierplanschbecken (although it was there the whole festival but this pic was taken on the second day)

One pic especially for Mia ;)

Unfortunately I didn't feel well after the last concert and went to sleep early.

The bands of the next day were Pampatut, Vroudenspil (who were my highlight of the day, I had almost as much as fun as during the SaMo concert), Haggard, Omnia (who were also really good), Korpiklaani (SUOMI!!!) and Schandmaul (who were rather disappointing).

That's us after dancing in the mud to Vroudenspil XD It was really great! The end of the day was also quite funny, we had some nice encounters with a kryptonit-penis, porn-Klaus and others ^^
And the next day was our trip home.
All in all it was really great! I'd like to go again next year.

Okay, off to another topic. Last Friday was Mias birthday and she celebrated it on Saturday with a Harry Potter Party which was really fun and boozy XD We even dressed up for it and the Gang had really cool costumes! Mia was a beautiful Slytherin-student, she looked so lovely (and hot ^^) in her green dress and her cape *__*
Sophie was a supercool Trelawney, she even had a crystal ball or... well, a ball XD Vroni went as an amazing Bellatrix Lestrange and I was Tonks and I really liked my outfit although it was strange to wear trousers...
I'm looking forward to the pictures of the party ^^
And during the party Mia made me laugh really hard. At the moment it's kind of a spleen of mine to make stupid "Your mother"-jokes and Mia's just has to be mentioned here: Your mother is so fat, her patronus is a cake XD
I told my boyfriend about it and yesterday we came up with other Harry Potter-themed jokes like this, for example: Your mother is so fat she can't hide in the forbidden forest, or: Your mother is so fast she's being discussed in astrology classes. :D You should try to come up with more, it's fun even though it's stupid ^^ I'd love to hear your suggestions XD

And on Monday evening it had finally arrived: The evening of our theatre performance of "Fully Committed". I was so nervous I really felt like I had to throw up, which fortunately I didn't. But it was great that I had so many people coming and supporting me. Thank you all for coming and cheering me on :-*
When it started and I had to pick up the phone first my hand shaking so much, the whole telephone was shaking too XD But I was told you couldn't see that ^^ And with every sentence I said I became more relaxed and it seems like everyone was right: If the dress rehearsal was a catastrophe, the actual play will be good ^^
We had a a few lapses, but luckily only 3 during my part (and only 2 the audience even knows of XD) and we could still go on without further complications. I really liked being on stage and I'm probably going to do the theatre course again next semester if it fits into my schedule ^^


  1. Seifenblasen sind tooooll <3
    Und hey natürlich war das eine Kristallkugel ^_-
    Ich hoffe ich kann wirklich nächstes Jahr mit zum Festival, die Bilder sehen nach irre viel Spaß aus :)

  2. Award für dich (^-^)