Freitag, 2. September 2011

An outfit and shopping

A few days ago I met with Sophie in the city and this is what I wore. Nothing special but I thought I'd share it with you because I wore my new shoes, my new necklace and my new bag ^^

Bad photo is bad... or maybe I'm just ugly XD Look at my arm, it's monstrous O.o

Today the weather was so nice here in Dresden that we just had to leave the house ^^ And we wanted to get some things, so we (my boyfriend and me by the way <3) went shopping.
We bought quite a few things for our flat and some uninteresting stuff (and some nice new clothes for Stefan), so I just show you the things I find best:

Sweeeets <3 Some sherbert bonbons and Jelly Bellies *yummy*
The flip-flops perfectly match my blue summer dress (although now there is even less black in this outfit *gnnnn*) and now that summer is nearly over (although it feels like we never had summer here in Germany this year) they only cost 2€!
Then there's a cool striped sweater underneath the whole stuff (it's blue by the way, the photo looks quite purple-ish on my screen) and a matching nailpolish.
And finally a liptint. It's the Perfect Stay by Astor and it was recommended to me by Mimi because I really don't like the way conventional lipstick feels on your lips. I tried it out in the store and it really feels a lot better. In fact, you don't feel it at all XD I picked a shade that is very close to my natural lip colour because I mainly want to make my lips look even. In particular the sides of my upper lip are always so pale, they are almost blue :/ Now I just have to practice applying it because I was always bad at applying lipsticks and this one's even a little harder because it's like a felt tip but I think it'll work with some practise ^^

And furthermore, the Bodyline sale has finally arrived ^^ Sophie wants to order some things and asked if I want to have something, too, so I take this one in green:

I've had my eye on this for quite some time and even though I don't fit into the corset-thingy I thought it was about time to take a shot at it ^^

I hope you also enjoyed the good weather today! (that is, if the weather was good, where ever you are ^^)


  1. Der Rosen-Rock ist so schön (*-*)

  2. Jaa Rosenrock <3
    und die BL Bestellung wurde schon verschickt und liegt jetzt in Tokyo ^__^