Montag, 29. August 2011

Taobao Review

Yieha, the first package of our taobao order arrived today!
So now here is the promised review of my items. I'm going to make a small review on Taobaospree at egl, maybe it's helpful for someone ^^
As a reminder, here you can see what I ordered.

This was the package:
Yeah I know, who cares, but I was excited, so I had to start taking pictures right away XD
It was packed nicely and had this sign with my name on it:

It looks like those oldschool signs that everyone had on his books in elementary school XD So cute <3

This is all of my stuff together:

Even the shoes were packed separately! And this was also in the package:

I didn't even know I ordered stuff from Gucci XD It's some kind of product care advice but I don't know to which item it belongs. It has to be something made from real leather but i don't know how to determine what is artificial and what is real XD

Okay, let's start with the necklace:
It came with a cute little note that I of course can't read and it's a bit shorter than I expected. The pendant is quite heavy and I really like the style of the necklace. I guess I can't really say much more about this ^^

Next, the bag:
You can already see it in the picture of the back: It wasn't wrapped as good as the other items, so now it has those imprints from Sophies bag, which was under it. In turn, hers has imprints from my bag, and not even in the back but in the front -.- I'm so sorry for that!
Here you can see a part of it a little better:
Hopefully this will be less visible after some time and use.
It's quite roomy. I think it can easily hold my purse, my mobile and all this stuff that a gril just likes to carry around XD Maybe even an umbrella... I'll try that later ^^

Next up, a pair of shoes. I ordered one pair in 38 and one in 39,hoping that at least one will fit. I'm happy to say that both fit, even though the 39 one is little more comfortable, but that's also due to the design.
First, the 38 pair:
Aren't they beautiful? I think they are gorgeous! They are a little tighter than the other pair but the only thing that's really bothering is that it's a little uncomfortable in the back of my ankle. But there were some pads in the package, maybe they'll help. Unfortunately the shoes are not flawless:

A white spot where the material comes off a little, some fine white glue lines and some dents but these are all barely visible when worn. Speaking of worn:

My legs look strange from this angle XD

Edit: Since many people seem curious about it, the shoes (both pairs) are from HERE ^^

And at last, the other pair of shoes:

They are so cute <3 But also elegant when you wear them without the bows and that's why I bought them. They are so versatile! As you can see here, they are also a little dented and have those glue lines, but again you can't see that when they are worn:

You close them with push buttons but apparently I have fat ankles because I had to make them as wide as possible XD
Finally, worn pictures once with, once without shoe clips ^^


  1. Wow ! I love your shoes (the first pair) !
    From what TaoBao shop did you buy them please *_* ?

  2. thanks for the review! Do you have a link to the place where you bought the first pair of shoes? Those are gorgeous!

  3. Die Sachen sind soooo toll*-*
    und die Dellen an meiner Tasche stören mich überhaupt nicht ^^ ich benutz meine Taschen sooo oft und stopf sie bis oben hin voll und stell sie nicht grade vorsichtig ab, da kommen noch vieeele dazu ^__- ich mag deine Schuhe auch <3 beide! also alle 4 :D

  4. Die Sachen sehen schön aus <3 Bin grad durch Zufall von EGL auf deinen Blogeintrag gestoßen xD
    Die Tasche finde ich tollig >//< Und die Schuhe sehen auch toll aus *-*

  5. Thanks for the review! I loooove the violin purse ♥ It's too bad about the indents, but they'll probably go away if you rub them enough :) and totally diggin the Pirates necklace, haha~

  6. Die Schuhe sind toll. Ich will auch bald etwas bestellen. Allerdings erst, wenn ich mit der Fahrschule fertig bin v____v

  7. Thanks for the review and sorry for the mark >_<

    rest are so nice though

    Must tell my girls to wrap it with heavy bubble..

  8. Awesome! I really like what you've purchased. Packaging seems to be thoughtful.

    I would vouch for and they don't charge a service fee if you're in Australia.