Montag, 26. September 2011

Surface Spell Dew Drop Chiffon Floral JSK

Okay, this probably seems like shopping is everything I do in life :D
Our second Taobao-order arrived today ^^ As you may or may not remember, this is the dress I ordered.
I had it made to my measurements and changed it a little bit so that the skirt starts at my natural waist.
That's the dress still packaged:

I was so happy because you can already see how beautiful the fabric is *___*
Since I already have a Surface Spell dress I was expecting good quality and I got good quality ^^ I found one loose thread when I unpacked it but that's it.
So this is the dress unwrapped:

Unfortunately I already thought the straps looked quite short and indeed, they are a little too short ;__; I hope I find a way to make them longer but I don't know if I'll find chiffon like that. It's super-soft with beautiful blue dots *__* So if one of you knows where I can get fabric like that, I'd be sooo grateful!
Anyways, this is me wearing it, with and without petti:

The detachable bow wasn't pinned on in the middle, I realised that later XD
As I already said, the chiffon is fantastic, as well as the tulle at the bottom, it's also sooo soft! The dress is probably more suitable for warmer temperatures because it's not very thick. And the fact that it's chiffon also has one downside:

You can see the seam allowance through it, but it's not that bad, so I don't care ^^
Here's a close up of the skirt bottom because I think it's incredibly pretty *__*

How do you like it? ^^


  1. Ah die Pünktchen!!! ^_^ und die farbe .. wunderhübsch =)

  2. Ich finde das Kleid wunderschön *-* Blau sieht toll aus *-* Ich will mir demnächst auch was bei Taobao bestellen; einen Mantel oder so. damit ich was für den Winter habe ^_^

  3. Das Kleid sieht an dir viel schöner aus als auf den Stock-Photos...bin mal gespannt wie es erst in echt aussieht (^_^)