Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Week 2

First off: Woohoo! This week I passed my driving exam at the first attempt and now I have my driver's license! I am so happy that I'm finally done with this, the lessons were really expensive -.-

So as a kind of "reward" for myself (and because it was necessary) I got my hair cut today. I wanted to get the last remains of my attempt to become blonde out of my hair and now it's maybe a little too short for my taste. But it was worth it, now my hair colour is consistent again :)

Derpyface reloaded...

And now it's time for the second part of the Lolita 52 Challenge, so let's see what I pulled out of the box:

Wow, that's a tough one.
As I told you, I didn't really have the time to follow the recent trends, so it's kind of hard to say what could be the next.
"Alice and the Pirates" pay homage to Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary with their most recent (and gorgeous) release (Does anyone know why you can't see the JSKs anymore?). Maybe other brands will do something like that too? Lolita fashion draws much inspiration from historical fashion, so I think it would be really cool to see not only elements of historical clothing but also prints that depict historic events or personalities, like Marie Antoinette, Catherine II of Russia or Elizabeth I.
I just love history :)
But with spring lurking around the corner I could also see Country Lolita having a comeback, with straw hats and baskets, Vichy check and fruit and flower prints.

What do you say, what's the next Lolita trend?

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