Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's already 2013 and there hasn't been a single post on here since August.
How could that happen? Well, I simply had a lot to do.
My new job is fantastic but takes up a lot of my former free time (Well duh, that's what jobs do! :D), so I just didn't find it in me to write a lot.
Maybe just some keynotes to my current situation: I love my job as a dancing and Zumba instructor, I still don't have my driver's license but hopefully will get it this month, I have barely time to do some sewing or embroidering and even less time for Lolita :(
But I had a wonderful birthday and Christmas in december with great presents (such as a foot spa massager from my wonderful boyfriend :) The best gift ever for someone who has to stand and dance all day ^^) and a great New Year's Eve at my dearest Vroni's. Speaking of it:

I wish you all a wonderful and happy new year!
Stay healthy and work hard on your New year's resolutions ;)

Oh, and Hurley says Hi from under the Christmas tree :)


  1. Awww, Miez unterm Tannenbaum ^-^
    Von mir auch noch ein gesundes neues Jahr mit viel Glück und Erfolg :3

    1. Dankeschön ^^
      Warum kann ich eigentlich deinen Blog nicht mehr lesen? :(