Montag, 8. August 2011

Strawberries and skirt-love

I recently thought that it was quite funny that my blog is called "Frills and Strawberries" and while I showed you some frills you've never seen any strawberries here, so now here they are:

Yummy ^^ (Wow, even in pictures like this you can see how messy our flat is at the moment XD)
And by the way, this is what happens when you forget to shut your washing machine:

Yesterday I finished the skirt I was going to make from the floral fabric and I'm quite happy with how it looks (though I just remembered that I'm not entirely done with it, I still have to add my label ^^). It was the first time that I made a shirring panel and it was easier than I thought, although when I was done and stretched it for the first time one of the elastics snapped back into the tunnel *ARGH* I had to open and redo this part again *sigh*

And I finally got to use one of the embroidery stitches of my sewing machine:

So all in all it looks like this:

Today Stefan and I went to do some shopping and I had to take it out right away:

While I was sewing it I began to be a little worried that it wouldn't fit into my wardrobe because of the colours but I think it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would when you combine it with black and gold accessories. I still have much of the fabric left so I'm probably going to make a bag and some bows as hair accessories.
At first I thought of making a ruffle at the bottom but I think it looks much more elegant like this.
So, how do you like it? ^^


  1. That skirt is sooo pretty! I love the embroidery stitch!

  2. Vielen Dank für dein Kommi >//< Freut mich total.
    Ich mag meine Haare nach wie vor überhaubt nicht xD Sie sind so furchtbar dünn ._. Und damit kann ich kaum irgendeine Lolitafrisur zaubern xD Dann lieer eine Wig wo es gleich die Locken gibt. Ich glaube, ich werde mir auch noch eine blonde zulegen.
    Deinen Rock auf den Foto mag ich sehr *-* Ich habe mich gestern bei BL auch nach einen Rosenprint umgeschaut; zwecks Casual-Outfit^^

  3. Ich mag den Rock auch, sooo bunt ist er ja gar nicht=)

    Sag mal, kann es sein, dass wir die gleichen Waschmaschinen haben? Irgendwie kommt mir der Eingang so bekannt vor. Nur liegen bei mir keine Kater drin *g*