Samstag, 6. August 2011

A whole new world - Taobao

A few days ago I placed my first Taobao order(s) (after I had been bothering my shopping service with questions for days XD). I'm quite excited about it and so I thought I'd share with you what I ordered:

First, a dress that is going to take about a month to make because I get it made to my measurements:

I've been having an eye on this like... forever, and now I finally took the plunge ^^
Mia also ordered a dress, maybe she's going to show it to you on her blog ;)
We decided to order the dresses seperate from the other items which are likely to be ready to ship earlier. That's also an advantage when it comes to customs ^^

So, on to my other items. 2 pairs of shoes:

I ordered them in 2 different sizes, hoping that at least one will fit ^^

Then there's a necklace that might seem familiar:

It's a replica of the pirate's medallion from Pirates of the Carribean and I love it ^^ As you already know, my favourite lolita style is pirate and this of course suits the style (or would it already count as cosplay? XD). It's about time I get a nice pirate-y outfit...

And then there's a black violin bag. I always wanted one of these *__*

Actually I also wanted a parasol but that one's sold out :( By the way, Sophie also ordered something, maybe she'll show it to you on her blog, too XD

And now the big news hit egl. There's a replica of Vampire Requiem on taobao, made by Dream of Lolita. There's a skirt and 2 JSKs (one short, one long). The skirt doesn't fit but the JSKs do and at least the longer one looks pretty nice to me:

I haven't ever worn a high-waisted dress, so I don't know if they suit me but getting a nice looking one for about 30 € might be a good way to find out?! So I'm really thinking about adding one to our order but I'm not even sure which colour I'd take. I have the blue fabric from which I'm probably going to make a skirt (though I don't have it in person, it's still at Mia's and I haven't even seen it yet XD) so if I take a dress it would be either red or black. I'd actually rather take black because I love black and don't even have a black dress, but it looks rather grey-ish on the picture and not as detailed as the red version... so in the end it would probably be the red one... *sigh* Any advice?

Oh and of course I'll make a review once I have my items ^^

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  1. Mir gefällt der rote JSK am besten.

    Und die Schuhe sehen toll aus. Hoffentlich passen sie Dir. ;3