Samstag, 16. Februar 2013

Week 7

This week's topic:

Lolitas I have met in real life

Well, there are of course the manatees: Vroni, Mia and Sophie.
Then there's also Kajime, Kitteh, Goldkind, Betty, Mii and a few others of whom I don't know if they have a blog ^^"
It's actually not that much, probably because I've never been to a meet-up outside of Dresden (except maybe once), although I'd love to go to one. 

I'm happy that we're planning the next meet-up here in Dresden, it's going to be in April!
There's already an idea for anoutfit in my head, but I will have to sew something for that and at the moment I just can't seem to be able to do anything good with my sewing machine -.-
I have neglected it for quite sometime and now all I do turns out crappy -.- Ah well, I still have time to make several practice pieces ^^"

1 Kommentar:

  1. Auf der LBM sind ja dieses Jahr wieder Treffen, falls Du Zeit hast :>

    Bestimmt wird das noch was mit dem Nähen. Solche Phasen habe ich auch manchmal, dann will gar nichts so recht funktionieren.
    Viel Erfolg :3