Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Week 5: Parasols

The picture didn't turn out right, so I'll just write the this week's topic down:

Parasols: Vital or frivolous?

I have to admit, I never really had a strong opinion or even thought about a topic like that. I don't have a parasol myself, just one more fancy umbrella, and I don't think I desperately need one. Though I have to admit that they look pretty awesome and give every outfit a nice touch of elegance and class. 
There are some wonderful lace parasols that I wouldn't say no to if someone offered them to me, but I think money could be spent on more urgently needed things.
In summer when it's hot I generally try staying in the shadows or cooler places anyways, because I don't really like heat. But you always have to consider that you have to carry a parasol around all day if you bring it to a meet-up. So if I had one I'd probably only use it for a photoshoot or something like that.

So... I definitely wouldn't say they are vital. Frivolous... maybe ^^

By the way, there has been some progress on my Zelda embroidery:

The left side already has a lot more details ^^

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