Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Week 6

Hey ladies, it's already week 6 and I managed to post every week on time ^^
I'm a little proud of me ;)

This week'stopic is a rather short one:

Something that was a gift

My lolita wardrobe is pretty small and I had to think about this a little before I realised that I wear a gift almost everyday at this time of the year: My wonderful coat that I got from my boyfriend for Christmas two years ago! It's so warm and cozy, I still love that thing to death!

So, what's happening in my life at the moment?
Well, I have a week off right now, which on the one hand is great because I get to do stuff that I usually don't have the time for. But on the other hand I already miss the people from my own courses ^^"
Yesterday I was in Munich for a day because I had a seminar there. Unfortunately the weather in Munich wasn't the best in the morning and in the evening, so both my flights were a little delayed and I was home pretty late. But it was still fun and at the end of february/beginning of march I'll be in Munich for 5 days for another seminar. It's great that I get to see some parts of Germany that I've never been to through my work. In march I'll also be going to Düsseldorf and probably Dortmund! 
Sooo... I guess that's it from me now. 
Have a great weekend! ^^


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